What Kind Of Insanity Workout Results To Expect

I’m sure you’ve probably tried a number of exercise programs that haven’t really lived up to your expectations.  If you’re already in relatively good shape, there isn’t really much that most workouts can do for you.  You can only push yourself so hard through traditional exercise routines, which is why Insanity Workout results are often surprising in how dramatic they are.

So What’s Different About Insanity?

Because the Insanity Workout uses a brand new technique called Max Interval Training, it lets you burn the most stubborn fat that other workouts just aren’t capable of burning.  If you feel like you’ve been running to a standstill and can’t seem to possibly do any better, Insanity weight loss results might just blow your mind.

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Insanity?

What Kind Of Insanity Workout Results To Expect

If you take a look at some Insanity Workout results pictures, like the one below, you’ll see that results can be very dramatic.  The even more amazing thing about this photo is that this guy is only at the halfway mark in the program! I dont know about you but I think these Insanity Workout results for men are pretty darn impressive!
It’s a good idea to remember that Beachbody still currently offers a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, so if you aren’t happy with your Insanity 30 day results (or even 60 day results), you can get a full refund.  If you’re capable of getting through 30 days of the program, though, I’m sure the amazing results will keep you going for more.

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It Definitely Worked For Me

Because the program always has you working as hard as you can, you can see even better results if you do the whole 60 days again, as many times as you want.  I’m actually doing it a second time myself, because I was so happy with the results.
I always considered myself fairly fit, and exercised more than most of my peers, but I could never get exactly where I wanted to be in terms of physical health.
I shed almost 20 pounds the first time I went through the program! 
And even though it’s not a bulk building type of program like P90x or P90x2, my body looked absolutely cut!  I’d never had muscle definition like that before.  My abs looked great, and you could finally see them.  I dropped a frankly embarrassing number of pants sizes.
Besides just looking a lot better, I was feeling a lot better!  My endurance went through the roof after just the first month of doing the Insanity Workout, and has only gotten better.  My cardio health is great, and it’s definitely true what they say about how good physical health will keep you feeling great mentally, too.  I feel like like a million bucks, my confidence is sky high, and I feel like my mind is more clear, as well.

Your Whole Body Will Thank You

Over the course of JUST 60 DAYS the Insanity Workout will put your whole body to the test.  It’s a lot of work, and not for anybody who isn’t ready to sweat hard, but the 10 DVDs will systematically tone up your whole body as you work through them.  You will start to feel and see results very quickly.

What’s It Worth To You?

What Kind Of Insanity Workout Results To Expect

Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought a gym membership and regretted it.  The Insanity Workout is much more convenient than a gym, since it’s in your home whenever you want (which should be 6 days a week, for about 45 minutes a session if you’re following the schedule).  It’s also a lot cheaper.


If you want more information about how the whole thing works, be sure to check out my longer Insanity Review where I go into depth about it.  I got some really incredible Insanity Workout results, and I’m sure anybody willing to put in the effort will, too.  For those of you already thinking about trying it, it won’t cost you anything if you’re unsatisfied after 60 days, so you’ve got nothing to lose.  Remember, the only reliable place to get the full product with the full guarantee is from the official Insanity Review website.

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