The Secrets Behind The Shaun T Insanity Workout

Even before the wildly popular Insanity Workout hit the market, creator Shaun T was already making a name for himself on the fitness training circuit.  This man has been featured on popular TV programs like the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the Tyra Banks show, and has also done work on hit shows like 6 Feet Under.  It took him years to get where he is now, and he’s put his years of experience as a fitness trainer to develop what is probably the most efficient high-powered cardio workout program on the market!  So, what is it that makes the Shaun T Insanity Workout stand out amongst the competition?  Let’s take a look.

A Little About The Man Himself

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If you’ve been a reader at this site before, you know a little bit about my own personal story.  The short version is that I was very active athletically back in school, but my fitness level slowly and steadily declined over the years.  At some point, my wife and I made the decision together to both get back into shape, and this website has been sort of a document of that, as well as a way to share our growing fitness knowledge with the world.

Shaun T’s story is actually pretty similar.  He was a top athlete in high school who actually gained a whopping 50 pounds in college!  This proved to be a life changing experience for Shaun, who decided to not only get himself back into shape, but to dedicate his life to helping other people do the same.  To that end, he completed his degree in Sports Science at Rowan University before beginning his career in fitness training.

Over the years, working with all sorts of people with different body types and wildly varying levels of fitness, Shaun began to learn what techniques were effective and which ones weren’t.  Even though every person is different, he was able to learn certain techniques which, applied properly, are incredibly beneficial to almost anybody willing to put in the time and effort.

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Enter The Shaun T Insanity Workout Program

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The current incarnation of the Insanity Workout program has been designed and tweaked, over the course of literally years, to get users into THE BEST CARDIOVASCULAR SHAPE OF THEIR LIVES IN JUST 60 DAYS!  I know this sounds outrageous, so if you’d like to skip ahead to see what it’s really capable of click here for my article on my own results with the program, or click here for my wife’s review, if you’re looking for a female perspective.

Basically, the program works like this: you get 10 workout DVDS, each hosted by Shaun T, and you follow a specific schedule  designed to most efficiently boost your endurance and burn a frankly ridiculous amount of fat.  The schedule has you busting your ass 6 days a week for around half an hour to a full hour, depending on where you are in the program (naturally, he starts you off relatively easy before going at it full force).

It’s easiest way to view Shaun T’s Insanity Workout is as two months of fat-melting cardio craziness, with a rest week in the middle to help your body catch up.  The first month is tough, and you will think you’re being pushed to your limit.  When he really throws it at you during the second month, though, that’s when you’ll find out what you’re truly capable of!

What’s The Secret, Though?

Shaun T’s experience led him to two important discoveries that make this workout work.  The first is that these particular exercises, in this particular order, are very effective for most people.  The second, and perhaps more crucial discovery, is something he calls Max Interval Training.

I go into it in greater detail in my article, Does Insanity Workout Really Work?, but in a nutshell, it’s the opposite of traditional interval training, which you may already have heard of.  Instead of short bursts of high intensity exercise with long breaks, you’ll be pushing the limits with about 3 minutes of absolutely everything-you’ve-got, followed by just 30 seconds of rest.  It doesn’t give your body time to adjust, so you don’t end up “hitting the wall” or “running to a standstill” like you do with traditional exercises.

Max Interval Training ensures you get increasingly impressive results the more you do the workouts, and even more if you repeat the entire program.

So, what is it that makes the Shaun T Insanity Workout so special?  In two words: Shaun T.  This isn’t some two-bit hack with made-up credentials like you’ll find (and we sure have) on a lot of home workout DVDs.  His real world experience has helped him develop a really great set of cardio exercises for burning real fat, and building real endurance, in a really short time.  On top of that, his technique of Max Interval Training is really a revolution in cardio fitness.  For more info, click some of the links above or check out the Beachbody website for the official scoop, or to TRY IT RISK FREE FOR 60 DAYS!

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