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Insanity Workout From Beachbody

Is There An Insanity Ab Workout?

While it’s true that the primary focus of the Insanity Workout is sheer fat-melting cardio intensity, it will also help you build some great, sexy abs.  The number one obstacle between most people and...

The Best Cross Training Workouts

Should I Do Insanity?

You’ve probably already heard about The Insanity Workout.  You may even know somebody who has tried it.  The results are pretty spectacular: pounds and pounds of unsightly fat shed, tremendously increased endurance and general...


Does P90x2 Work? Oh, Yeah!

I think at this point, people realize that the original P90x is the real deal.  In a world where fad workouts come and go almost daily, this one has stuck it out.  Why?  Because...