P90x2 Results – What To Expect After 30, 60 & 90 Days

When I went through the original P90x the first time, I knew I was onto something good.  Tony Horton proved himself a more than capable trainer, even through a TV screen in my living room.  I had tried a number of different workout programs, and this was the first one that really made a massive difference in how I looked and felt, as well as the first one that didn’t give decreasing gains as my body adjusted to the exercises.  I was already in the best shape I had been since being back in school, but I started wondering what I was really capable of.  P90x2  has a RISK FREE TRIAL just like its predecessor, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to see if this really was an evolution of the program.  I’ll tell you now that the P90x2 results that myself and countless other have achieved really prove that it is.

At A Glance: My P90x2 Results So Far

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I’ve only been through P90x2 one time.  Since it uses the same Muscle Confusion technique as the original, you can repeat it for increasing results, which I plan on doing.  It doesn’t have the same locked-in 90-day schedule as the original, so I spent a couple weeks longer than that on my first run, but the results have been NOTHING LESS THAN SPECTACULAR!

My fitness level had been steadily increasing since I began my journey with the original P90x, but the new one just takes it to new levels entirely.  I only lost about 10 pounds on P90x2, but I didn’t have a terrible amount of fat to burn thanks to the original, and I put on muscle, too.  My biceps and shoulders have another inch and a half on them, each, and my chest and thighs have another inch.  I’ve usually been more interested in working my upper body (since that’s what you see when I take my shirt off), but my legs are still more muscular and powerful than I ever imagined them being.

As a quick note, P90x2 results for men are going to be a bit different from P90x2 results for women.  A man’s body will react to the workouts Tony throws at you in part by building some bigass, incredibly-defined and rock-hard muscles.  A woman’s physiology doesn’t allow her to grow bulky muscles the same way a man will; her muscles will tone up, firm up, and strengthen up.  My wife is giving the program a run through now, so she should be able to write her own review on the matter soon, but take a look at Tony’s seriously hot female workout buddies if you’re a woman worried about bulking up and not looking as feminine.  Man or woman, this program WILL MAKE YOU LOOK AWESOME!

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Here We Go: P90x2 30 Day Results

In the intro DVD to the program, Tony really emphasizes tracking your progress.  You’ll only get one chance to do it right, since you can’t go back in time, and trust me, if you don’t, you’ll wish you did!  That’s why I kept much better track of my progress with this program than the original.

If you take a look at my 30 day P90x2 picture, it doesn’t look all that different from the picture when I started.  My muscles are a little more defined, but nothing mind blowing.  But I still knew the program was really working.  You know how?  I could feel it!

I’m sure you fitness freaks out there know what I’m talking about.  There’s bad pain from working out wrong, and there’s good pain from working out right.  P90x2 was breaking me down and making me sore in a way that I knew meant I would come out stronger, better looking and more resistant to injury.  (I get into it more in my P90x2 review, but this would be a great point to mention the roller massages you’ll be giving yourself during the rest weeks; they feel great and work wonders on those aching muscles.)

Let The Fun Begin: P90x2 60 Day Results


One of the new things that P90x2 brings to the table is the balancing act.  You’ll be balancing on balls.  A lot.  I thought it seemed a little gimmicky before I tried it, but I think it’s a big part of the reason this program is just so, so effective.  My 60 day P90x2 results picture shows a visibly much more defined core, as well as overall improved muscle definition, which I credit to Tony making me do all this balancing.

I’ll admit: the inner teenager in me still can’t stop chuckling if I do a move with a name like the Three Ball Extravaganza, but they bring on that aforementioned good pain like nobody’s business.  The reason is that they force so many of your muscles to work pretty damn hard just to keep you from falling.  When you start doing these exercises in the second phase of the program, you’ll sweat, burn fat, and build muscle at a rate that may surprise even P90x graduates.

Up, Up, And Away: P90x2 90 Day Results

One of the things that made the original program so successful is that it’s structured for increasing gains.  As I progressed through the program, Tony just kept throwing more and more challenges at me.  Like before, you can do this at your own pace and give it what you’re comfortable with, but I was getting into it: I wanted to see just how quickly I could level up in this game if I really gave it everything I had.

My P90x2 90 day and final pictures show significant gains in muscle tone and even visible growth in size, as well as less fat to cover it up.  Looking at all the pictures I took over the course of the program is a good illustration of how P90x2 gives better and better results as you progress.  You may find,  as I did, that as your fitness improves with the program you’re able to work harder, leading to faster, more impressive results.

Overall, my P90x2 results exceeded my expectations.  This truly is an extension and evolution of the original program.  If you’ve tried P90x, or you’re already fit and ready for a challenge, P90x2 is a great next level to try, and the results are incredibly rewarding.  Remember that there’s a guarantee available, but only if you buy it from the official website.

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