How Long Are The P90x2 Workouts?

Like basically everybody else I know, I’m damn near constantly on the go.  It really seems like there’s just an endless string of things to do, taking up all my time even when I do my best to multi-task.  When I heard about P90x2, one of my initial questions was, “Well, how long are the P90x2 workouts?”  It seemed like if it was promising better results than the original it might require longer workouts.  Thankfully for me, and probably for you, this turned out not to be the case at all; they’re actually shorter than the original ones, while packing more punch!

How Long Is P90x2?

How Long Are The P90x2 Workouts?

While the individual workouts are shorter than the ones in the original, it should be pointed out that even though it still has 90 in the name, it’s no longer a strictly 90 day program.  It still has 3 phases, but you do them in three to six weeks, depending on your comfort level and the results you’re after, rather than the strict 3 week schedule of the classic P90x.

Even though the program itself may run a little bit longer, you actually spend less of your own time per week doing the workouts.  This is great news for most people.  Instead of 6 days a week, you’ll do 5.  You also have the option of two recovery days, where you’ll alternate yoga and these really amazing roller massages.

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How Long Is Each P90x2 Workout?

The P90x2 length of workouts is only 45-60 minutes.  Even though this is a little shorter than you may be used to if you graduated from the original, they’re more intense and will get you into better shape in less time.  Think of it as the next level.

The YogaX2 workout is the longest workout included, and it’s only around 65 minutes.  Compare this to the original Yoga X, which clocked in at 90 minutes!  And yet, it gives you a better workout.

I’ve found that I really didn’t have much trouble at all fitting P90x2 into my schedule, and I live like you probably do: always on the go, with so, so much to do.  There isn’t much of a time commitment with P90x2, though, and most Americans spend much more time every day just watching TV.  Of course, if you worried you might buy it and not have time for it, you could always try it with the 90 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE available at the official Beachbody website.  If you want to learn more about my experience with the program, check out my review.

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