Flex Belt Reviews: Does It Really Work?

Well, this is a first for me.  I never could have imagined that I would ever be typing up an article while working on my abs.  And to be honest, while I had heard of the product I’m using and about to review, I never thought it would be something I would actually try, let alone get any real use out of.  But here I am, adding my voice to the ever growing collection of positive Flex Belt Reviews out there.  I’ll tell you right now that I was very pleasantly surprised by how things turned out.

If You Haven’t Already Heard…

flex belt, ever heard ?

The Flex Belt is a comfortable, breathable, velcro-secured belt that straps around your body, with pre-positioned gel pads inside.  It’s slim enough that you can wear it comfortably and inconspicuously under a T-shirt.  Through the pads, the belt delivers a mild, pulsating jolt of electricity to all the muscles in your abdominal area: your upper abs, you lower abs, and even your obliques.

You’ve probably seen this thing on a late night infomercial.  You may have even seen it used as the punchline of a joke.  I mean, let’s be real here, raise your hand if your first reaction to seeing this thing working was to laugh out loud.  It took me about a week to get over the giggles when first strapping it on and activating it every day.  The thing is, though, THIS CRAZY THING ACTUALLY WORKS!

A Little About EMS

When my sister was in college, she had to have some pretty serious knee surgery due to an injury.  Part of her rehabilitation process involved attaching electrodes to her knee, and these would stimulate the muscles, making them stronger than they were before.

The same exact technology is at work within the Flex Belt.  It’s called EMS, or Electronic Muscle Stimulation.  It’s proven technology that has been used for decades in medicine, and this is the first FDA-cleared product to bring it straight to consumers.

The company that makes the Flex Belt has actually had 40 years of experience making these products, and they’re used and prescribed in 5000 clinics worldwide.  This is a real selling point for me; they’re clearly not a fly-by-night operation offering pseudo-scientific near-miracles.  The same medical-grade technology and materials used in their clinical products are also used in this device you can use at home.

When the pads inside the Flex Belt do their magic, they reach out to bundles of nerves which branch out to ALL of the muscles in your stomach.  They contract and relax naturally, working them without forcing you to strain other parts of your body, like you do with sit-ups or crunches.  This means that, if the Flex Belt works, you can have better looking abs without working very hard at it at all.

Here’s Why I Tried It

Here’s Why I Tried It

My friend Jake has been hounding me to review this thing since my wife and I started this site.  I always just told him that Flex Belt reviews were not really the kind of thing we do.  They market it as being good for people of all fitness levels, which I always took to mean people unwilling to do any exercise.

“You know Jerry Rice uses it, right?” Jake asked me he recently.
“I don’t care who uses it, we’re not… wait, you don’t mean football great, best wide receiver ever, former 49er and Raider Jerry Rice, do you?”

I had to take a look at the official website after that, and sure enough, there he was, endorsing the product.  As was Janet Evans, widely considered to be one of the best distance swimmers in the world (she’s set seven world records and won four gold medals in the Olympics).

This device really is great for anybody, from world class professional athletes, to regular people with normal lives.

This was almost enough to convince me to give it a shot.  When I found out they offer a 60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, I figured, hey, why not?  They promise results in 4-8 weeks, and even if it didn’t work I’d be able to write up a review of it for the site.

Really, I still can’t believe it actually worked.

Here’s How It All Went Down

There’s really not much in the Flex Belt box, just the belt itself, an extension for people with waists bigger than 44”, the LCD remote/battery, AC adapter, carrying sack and manual.  The manual is easy to understand, and operation is pretty straightforward, as there are only a few buttons.

The device has 150 intensity levels, and you’re supposed to work your way up as your abs get stronger.  I knew from experience playing with my sister’s EMS unit, and from the scene in Jackass involving blatant misuse of the same technology, that this is powerful technology and potentially painful if used improperly.  Thankfully, it was no trouble at all finding a very comfortable and effective intensity level using the remote.

My sister’s old medical EMS device only did 3 seconds on, 3 seconds off intervals, but the Flex Belt has 10 different programs you can use.  My recommendation to most people, at least starting out, is just to go with the plan the manual suggests.  If you do that, you’ll also be using it JUST 5 DAYS A WEEK FOR HALF AN HOUR A DAY, which is what I did.

I knew what to expect when I strapped it on, but it’s still a very novel feeling and effect.  The first time I used it, my wife and I couldn’t stop laughing as the gentle pulses of the Flex Belt caused all of my abdominal muscles to tighten up without any effort or concentration on my part.  It definitely takes a minute to get used to, but it’s not uncomfortable.

And I’ll never forget the feeling I had in my abs after that first session.  It was that good burn I’ve mentioned in other articles here.  Even though all I had done was watch TV with my wife, I FELT LIKE I HAD BEEN DOING CRUNCHES!  As each session forces you to flex your abs up to 150 times, this shouldn’t have been such a surprise.

They don’t seem to mention it in any of the advertising material, but the Flex Belt will wear you out!  I was surprised, and it’s nothing like the Insanity Workout, but at the end of each session, I was ready to kick back and relax.  Most people should burn enough calories with this to lose a bit of weight, but it’s important to keep in mind that this isn’t the primary use of the product.

Fast forward just a couple weeks of doing this almost every day.  My muscles really were more toned and firm.  My wife even asked me if I was doing another round of P90x2 because of how I was looking, and she didn’t believe me at first when I told her, “No, it’s just the Flex Belt!”

This was no fluke: in a 6-week clinical study, 100% of participants said the Flex Belt made their abs feel firmer and more toned.

Five weeks after receiving the product, I knew I wasn’t going to be sending it back.  I had been slowly ramping up the intensity level, making my abs work harder and harder for more impressive results, and it was working in a very obvious way.  My core just looked and felt better.  Period.

I’ve found that the description of my transformation is best and most impressively represented as a timeline, so here it is:

First session: I had tired, worn out abs, like I had been doing crunches.
1 week: My abs were starting to feel firmer and more defined.
2 weeks: My abs have transformed enough for my wife to ask about my routine.
5 weeks: There is a very, very definite visual improvement in the quality of my abdominal muscles, and my whole core feels quite a bit stronger.

Now, if you’ve read workout reviews, you know I’m absolutely not afraid of putting in some time, hard work, and sweat to get into good shape.  That said, I still like the Flex Belt either to supplement my workouts, or even to use while I’m not actively doing one of my workout programs.  It requires very, very minimal effort, and helps to keep my 6-pack looking amazing, so there’s no good reason not to use it.

So, What’s The Catch?

the flex belt reviews and buying guide

Okay, so here’s this gizmo that gives you great looking, great feeling abs while you sit on your ass and watch TV (or work, or go pick up the kids, or whatever).  It seems to work, so there has to be a catch right?  I mean, this seems like the kind of deal where there is some kind of absurdly high, unseen cost, and I already promised my first born child to somebody else.

The thing is, though, there really isn’t a catch.  The Flex Belt works, giving you a flatter stomach and firmer, more toned abdominals, and it does it safely.  There’s no hidden cost.  I can’t find a single Flex Belt customer review that mentions one.

There is one thing that you should know going in, and it’s not even Flex Belt specific; it’s something I’ve said time and time again on this website.  If you keep this in mind, I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your results.  Remember this: working the relevant muscles is only half of having nice abs; you’ll also need to burn away the fat that covers them.  This product does an amazing job at the former, but isn’t really designed for the latter.

To really get the full benefit out of the Flex Belt, many people may have to increase their activity a little bit, and possibly change their diet.  (Did I mention the BONUS Meal Planner you get with this?  It’s worth $50, you get it free!)  You don’t need to go crazy, even just walking around more during the day will help, or if you’re really motivated you can try one of the workouts I recommend on this site.  The belt is going to be doing half of the work, and many would argue that it’s the harder work it’s saving you, since you won’t be on the floor straining yourself doing crunches.

About Those Pads…

The other slight drawback to this product are those gel pads.  If you use them according to the instructions, you’ll need to change them every 3-5 weeks.  However, poking around online I found some tips to help them last longer, and now I go about 2 months without changing them.

Put a thin strip of foil (about 1”) onto the back of the gel pads to increase the surface area at the contact point.  That seems to be the first thing to go a lot of the time, so this small alteration makes them last about 5 times longer.

You should also put a couple drops of hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol on the pads every few sessions.  This seems to help keep them in good shape, my theory is that it helps to offset the corrosion from sweat, but whatever the case, they last longer.

Safe For Almost Everyone

With TWO MILLION SATISFIED CUSTOMERS, the Flex Belt is something of a sensation.  All kinds of different people are using it, as evidenced by countless Flex Belt customer reviewers, because it is safe and effective for just about everyone, but there are a couple of exceptions.

If you’ve just given birth, you’re supposed to wait 6 weeks before using the product, 3 months if you’ve had a cesarean.  Also, if you have back, bowel, stomach or ab issues, you should consult with your doctor first.  For everyone else, the product should be totally safe.

Getting The Best Value

flex belt reviews - the best price

The Flex Belt is $199, which is cheaper than most gym memberships and on par with a lot of the miracle-gadgets that supposedly make your body look better, but typically don’t.  What’s really cool is that since using the Flex Belt is practically effortless, you’re almost sure to get your money’s worth instead of just throwing it at the idea of getting back in shape.

The 60-DAY GUARANTEE mentioned on the official Flex Belt sold me on trying it, but I still searched around the net to see if I might find a cheaper price than what they offered.  I couldn’t find one, but I did find a Flex Belt coupon that lets you get $20 OFF AND FREE SHIPPING!  Since other sites don’t even offer the guarantee, this was clearly the way to go.

If you think you’ve found a better deal on a site like eBay or Amazon Marketplace, be really careful, because people have bought what turned out to be junk counterfeit products.  Remember, this is powerful, medical-grade technology; you don’t want to put yourself in danger with unproven fakes!

Also, I mentioned you get the Meal Planner (a $50 value), but you also get a free magazine subscription (also valued at $50).  You have a few different options, but I’m now getting Men’s Health.  There is actually a surprising amount of good information in there if you get past all the ads, so these days I always keep the current issue on the living room coffee table (archives near toilet).

What Are You Waiting For?

As I put the finishing touches on this article, I’m enjoying the pleasant tiredness in my ab muscles from the Flex Belt session I had as I sat down to write this.  Sitting at the computer for too long often gives me a feeling of being inactive, so I can hardly believe how this has worked out.  From where I’m sitting, it’s really easy to see why this product has been so successful.  Millions of users, as well as reviewers for major publications like Flex, Weight Watchers, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Fitness, and Glamour, have all raved about this seemingly simple device.

If I’ve managed to peak your interest enough to try it out, keep in mind that the official website is the only place to get the best price, 60-day guarantee, and $20 off plus free shipping.  I don’t know how long these offers will last, but right now you risk nothing if you want to find out if it really does work.  Even if you’re still skeptical, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Some of you will probably end up writing your own glowing Flex Belt reviews.

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