A Look At The New Fat-Melting Insanity Workout From Beachbody

Like most other home fitness enthusiasts, I first heard of Beachbody through P90x, which, if you’ve been living under a rock, is one of the most popular home workout programs on the market.  I had such great success with that program, losing over 20 pounds (and some of this is actually muscle gained), that I went on to do P90x2, which resulted in even more fat burned and muscle built.  (If you haven’t read them, click here for my P90x review, or here for my take on its more evolved younger sibling.)  When I found out about the kind of cardio Insanity Beachbody was offering with their newest workout, I figured it would be on par with their previous products, so I gave it a shot.  The 60-DAY GUARANTEE took the risk out of trying, so I figured either way, it would make a good article for the site.

The Beachbody Insanity Workout

Like previous Beachbody workouts, the Insanity Workout is built around a core set of workout DVDs and carefully planned schedule designed to deliver you from point A to point B in a series of very specific steps, and in a very specific number of days, in this case 60.  They’ve put quite a lot of effort into taking all the guesswork out for you, so you can just focus on moving through the workouts and gaining the benefits.

Unlike P90x or P90x2, however, which focus on all-around fitness, including strength training and muscle building, the Beachbody Insanity Workout program is all about the cardio.  This is the workout for anybody looking to increase the hell out of their endurance, or simply burn as much fat as possible in the least amount of time, and without any expensive equipment.

All you need to complete Team Beachbody Insanity Workout Program is the drive to succeed.  And lots of water.

Like other Beachbody workouts, Insanity comes with a guide to doing the exercises right, as well as a diet guide with tips and even some pretty specific diet plans for those so motivated.  Keep in mind that this kind of exercise is taxing on the body, and if you don’t eat right, you’re putting yourself at risk of serious injury.  Eat right, though, and Insanity will have you fitter than you’ve ever been in no time.

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But Does It Work?

Oh, this is such an easy question to answer.  The first time I did the Insanity Beachbody Workout, I LOST OVER 20 POUNDS!  Check out my article on my Insanity results to learn more about my specific progress with the program, but it lived up and exceeded my expectations.

My results were absolutely not atypical, though.  In fact, Beachbody is so confident that you’ll see real results that they actually offer a NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED 60-DAY GUARANTEE!  Even if you just don’t like Shaun T, you can return it, but I imagine most people who make it to the halfway point are going to want to keep going.

Okay, But How Does It Work?

Flex Belt Reviews: Does It Really Work?The original P90x introduced the concept of Muscle Confusion, which combined with the build-up in intensity throughout meant the user would see greater and greater results.  Unlike traditional exercise regimens, which max out in terms of results at a certain point (“plateauing out” or “hitting the wall”), Muscle Confusion keeps your body from adjusting to the workouts by hitting you with a constant stream of new exercises.

Insanity Workout creator Shaun T has developed a technique that works in a similar way, only it’s even more effective for cardio workouts.  The Insanity Beachbody is bringing us here, via mastermind Shaun T, is called Max Interval Training.

Traditional Interval Training typically has you during very short bursts of very intense exercise, followed by long breaks.  This is very effective in the short term at building endurance and burning calories, but at a certain point, people typically reach the point of diminishing returns with their results.  Max Interval Training takes the insane step of reversing this: you’ll be working hard for a few minutes at a time, then resting for a few seconds before starting again.

It sounds crazy, and intense, and difficult, and believe me, it is.  It’s also the reason the program works, and why it has been growing in popularity ever since it hit the market.

If you’re absolutely new to Beachbody products, I recommend checking out my P90x vs Insanity Comparison  to see which of their workouts may be right for you.  I usually recommend Insanity for people who are mainly looking to burn fat, and P90x for people who want to burn fat and build muscle.  Of course, there’s no reason why you couldn’t or shouldn’t do both, and with both Max Interval Training and Muscle Confusion, you will always see increasing gains!

I hope this had shed a little light onto the brand new Insanity Beachbody is throwing at us.  Check out my longer review ( https://www.workoutequipmentreviews.net/insanity-workout-review/ )  on the product for a much, much more in depth look at the Insanity Workout Beachbody is currently offering.  And always remember: the best place is to get crazy with the Insanity Workout, and by that I mean get the best deal and guarantee, is the official website.

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