Where Should I Buy Flex Belt?

When I first started using the Flex Belt, I didn’t tell anybody.  As a guy who runs a fitness website and advises all his friends on how to get in shape, I was a little hesitant to let people know I was experimenting with a gadget that promises better abs without the hard work.  When I found out how well it actually works, though, I started raving about the thing.  Now, people keep asking me where to buy Flex Belt to get the best deal, and the answer is honestly pretty simple.

Where To Buy The Flex Belt

How Many Calories Are Burned During Insanity Workout?The best place to buy the Flex Belt, hands down, is the official website.  Not only is it the only place to get the full, 60-DAY GUARANTEE, it’s also the cheapest place to get it.  And how much does the Flex Belt cost?  It normally goes for $199, but right now they’re offering $20 OFF AND FREE SHIPPING!

(I know most people only want one Flex Belt, but if you’re interested in more than one, you can get a break at the official site.  Two for $349, three for $499, four for $649, and so on.)

I’ve had some people say they’re able to find slightly better deals on Amazon Marketplace or eBay, but you really have to be very careful on these sites.  Not only is the product not guaranteed, you may not even get the real deal!  A surprisingly high number of people have been buying low-grade knock-offs from these typically reputable sites.

Can You Buy The Flex Belt In Stores?

Again, while you may be able to find The Flex Belt in some stores if you look hard enough, you’re just not going to get the same deal you would if you just go through the official website.  If you want to get one in a store because you’re in a hurry to get started, just try to be patient for a couple days.  Trust me, shipping is fast!

Where To Buy The Flex Belt In Canada

I’ve had a number of people write in to ask me if The Flex Belt is available in Canada, and I just want to ask, “They have internet there, right?”  I did a quick check online, and yes, you can use the official website to order yours and have it shipped to you in Canada.

Beware Of Imitators

So far, a couple people have sent me emails asking about alternatives to the Flex Belt which theyve seen advertised. The first of these is the Contour Belt which I like and you can read my full review by clicking here.

However, aside from this most of the other ab sculpting systems are ineffective, have lousy reviews or arent approved by the FDA and I would advise avoiding them.

Oh! Bonuses!

I almost forgot: if you order soon, they’re currently offering a free magazine subscription of your choice, as well as a meal planner.  Together, these are A $100 VALUE FOR FREE!  I’m not one to suggest buying a product simply for the bonuses, but this really is icing on the cake.

Hopefully, I’ve made it as clear as I possibly can: the best place to buy Flex Belt is the official website.  You’ll get the guarantee, the coupon for free shipping and $20 off, $100 in bonuses, and the full, 60-day guarantee.  If you’re still not convinced that the Flex Belt can work for you, check out my long, detailed Flex Belt review here ( https://www.workoutequipmentreviews.net/flex-belt-reviews-does-it-really-work/ ).

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