P90x Vs Insanity For Women

With things heating up outside, we’ve been getting a lot of visitors looking for ways to shape up in a hurry.  While I don’t have any miracle cures or overnight weight loss solutions to recommend, there are a couple of good workouts that can have you looking great before it starts getting too cold again.  I’m going to break down the two best options, and hopefully help you decide between P90x Vs Insanity for women.

What Are The Biggest Differences?

P90x and the Insanity Workout are both brought to you by Beachbody, and they’re both designed to get you into awesome shape fairly quickly by working you really hard, 6 days a week.  Insanity takes just 60 days, while P90x runs a little longer at 90 days, hence the name.  They both revolve around workout DVDs that you’ll watch following a schedule, though P90x has 12 DVDs while Insanity only has 10.

Both systems use revolutionary fitness training techniques, Muscle Confusion with P90x and Max Interval Training for Insanity.  Basically, this means either one will give you better results than traditional workouts.  Results won’t plateau out, and the gains will keep coming as long as you do the work.

The biggest difference between the two is what they aim to do. 

The Insanity Workout is designed to burn as much fat as quickly as possible, while P90x is designed to burn a lot of fat while also toning, defining, and strengthening muscles.

Building Muscles?  Like, Bulking Up?

You’ve probably seen the pictures of the dudes who have done P90x and built up a lot of big, bulky muscles.  Sure, it looks great on them, but most of us women just aren’t going for that look.  Thankfully, our hormones just won’t let that happen!  Check out my article on P90x for women to learn more about this, but basically, if you do the program, you don’t have to worry about getting all ripped.  Your muscles will look sleek and toned and absolutely feminine.

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So, What It Boils Down To Is…

The real truth is that in the P90x Vs Insanity for women debate, what it really boils down to is the results you’re after.  Just looking to lose a lot of weight, right away?  Go with Insanity.  However, if you want to lose a lot of weight while also toning the muscles underneath, I highly recommend P90x.

Remember, burning fat is only half the battle!  When the fat burns away, what do you want to be left with?  While the Insanity Workout certainly has the bonus side effect of shaping up your body while it’s also helping you blast through those calories, body toning is a feature BUILT-IN TO P90X!

The systems are both customizable to meet your goals, but ultimately I think P90x is just more flexible.  Check out this article on P90x for weight loss to find out how the program is easily modified for maximum drops in weight.  Since either system can be repeated for increasing results, it can make a lot of sense to do a fat-burning 90 days of P90x either before or after doing the regular program.

Of course, some enthusiasts have been known to use both systems, to get the best of both worlds.  I’d recommend starting with P90x, though, and I’ll explain why next.

Other Possible Considerations

If you’re not already in pretty good shape, the Insanity Workout might be kind of a crazy choice to begin with.  P90x is tough, but with modifications can be a bit easier than even an easy run of Insanity.

P90x also requires you to buy a few small pieces of equipment, like dumbbells and a chin-up bar, but these costs are pretty insignificant when you consider how much you’re saving not going to a gym and hiring a personal trainer.  As Tony explains, this resistance is absolutely necessary for building the kind of body you’re after.

So, P90x Or Insanity For Women?

My personal recommendation would be for women to check out P90x over Insanity.  Both will give you really great results if you’re ready to work your ass off for 60 or 90 days, respectively, but for my money P90x is just a better overall system since it burns fat AND helps tone up muscles.  It’s newer so it doesn’t have quite the same reputation built up, but for me P90x vs Insanity for women is a no-brainer. They’re both FULLY GUARANTEED over at the official Beachbody site, so you can find out for yourself risk free if you’re still unsure which is for you.

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