P90x Reviews, Or How To Shape Up In 90 Days

I’ve always tried to stay active and remain in decent shape, but at a recent birthday party, somebody brought out one of my college football photos.  It occurred to me that despite my efforts, my overall level of fitness has been pretty consistently degrading since then.  After brooding over it a couple days, I decided I was going to take serious action about it.  I’ve had some friends who have had luck with P90x, and the program has been pretty consistently popular since its debut in 2004.  I’ve read positive P90x reviews from both men and women of various degrees of fitness, with different goals, so I decided to see what it could do for me. You can also read about the experiences of 140+ other P90x users who have left comments at the end of this post.

P90x Review #1: Got 90 Days?

I’ll admit it: one of the reasons I went with P90x is because I was after quick results.  We’ve all seen programs that supposedly offer similar improvements in your physique instantly, but those are pretty obviously scams.  P90x packs a FULL BODY TRANSFORMATION IN JUST 90 DAYS!  I’ll tell you before I even get into it: if you’re ready to give it everything you’ve got for those 90 days, this absolutely does work.

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When I popped in the intro DVD, I only had a vague idea of what to expect.  The guy who greets you, P90x creator Tony Horton, is a buff dude.  He’s a fitness coach with over 20 years of experience, and he knows just what to say to encourage you to push through the workouts.  I’ll tell you, “Do your best… and forget the rest!” doesn’t look that great in writing, but when you’re pouring sweat and feeling ready to drop to the floor, it’s really inspiring!

And he’s not just encouraging, he really knows his stuff.  This whole workout is based on a technique he came up with called Muscle Confusion.  Basically, he constantly has you changing up your routine, working on different sets of muscles, so your body never has time to fully adapt to the exercise routine.  I’ve tried other workout DVDs in the past, and not only did repeating them get tedious and boring, they all had a various obvious plateau effect: after a certain number of viewings, there were no more results.  Tony avoids this by having you doing so many different exercises that it’s rare to ever do the same exercise twice within the same two weeks.  At first, I kept waiting for familiar ones to come back up to give myself a break, but no, there was no opportunity to get used to it.  I never “hit the wall” with P90x.

P90x Review #2: This Is How It’s Done

I should point out that this program isn’t for lazy people or anyone not really willing to put in the time and effort.  It’s 6 days a week, and every workout is an hour to an hour and a half long, and they’re tough!  If you’re up for it, though, you’ll start seeing and feeling a difference pretty quickly.  Track your progress closely, and you’ll see.  I don’t think I would have kept doing it if I hadn’t LOST 8 POUNDS BY WEEK 5!  This wasn’t just weight loss, I was also building muscle.

There’s a solid mix of strength training and cardio on the 12 workout DVDs that make up the core of the program, but the included P90x Fitness Guide explains how to adjust the program to meet your own needs.  For example, if you’re mainly looking to burn fat, or you don’t want to put on too much muscle, you can use the Lean version of the program, while athletes getting ready for competition may be interested in the Double version, which requires two hours every day!  Being a former athlete whose overall fitness has declined steadily since college, I opted for the standard program, while my wife started doing the Lean version.
You can also tailor the program in other ways, too, which is why it’s good for everyone FROM STAY-AT-HOME MOMS TO PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES like Matt Diaz of the Atlanta Braves.  For example, Tony offers up alternate moves for people who aren’t able to do the harder exercises he’s doing.  I used a lot of these at first, but as the system worked me into better shape, I found myself able to do almost all of the main exercises.

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P90x Reviews #3: Breaking It Down

Tony has you doing workouts on the DVDs to a schedule designed to maximize your gains through the Muscle Confusion technique I mentioned.  He targets different parts of the body with each one, and you can tell he’s not just haphazardly throwing every exercise he knows at you.  You can actually feel him systematically and methodically strengthening and toning your body, muscle by muscle.  Here’s how the DVDs break down:
1. Chest & Back – You’ll only use this the first 3 weeks, and then for a couple weeks at the end.  It’s a good mix of intense strength training exercises for your pectorals, back, biceps and triceps.
2. Plyometrics – This is cardio, especially useful for your legs.  Used weeks 1-7, and then 9-12.
3. Shoulders & Arms – More strength training, same schedule as DVD 1.  I didn’t realize how little I worked my shoulders until I started this one.
4. Yoga X – While the other DVDs only run about an hour, this one is 90 minutes long, and you’ll be using it every week.  The stretches are vital, though, to protect and lengthen your muscles.  And honestly, THEY FEEL GOOD!
5. Legs & Back – These strength training exercises you’ll do 3 weeks on, 1 week off, until you finish P90x.
6. Kenpo X – This is an intense cardio workout.  This one’s a real fat burner.  You’ll do this DVD every week, and in my case there was a very clear, obvious increase in endurance every single week, and I credit this one with a lot of the weight loss, too.  Remember what I said about tracking your progress!
7. X Stretch – This is another important stretching video you’ll do every week.  I love how Tony switches it up so you don’t get bored with the same stretching DVD, and I’m sure it’s also part of the Muscle Confusion technique.
8. Core Synergistics – This is a tougher strength training DVD for your whole body.  You won’t even pull out until weeks 4, 8, and 13.  This one beat me down, and built me back up!
9. Chest, Shoulders & Triceps – This strength training DVD comes out for weeks 5-7, 10, and 12, and is like a more intense version of the workouts in the beginning.  I was glad the early ones prepared me for this.
10. Back & Biceps – Same as 9, but for different muscles.
11. Cardio X – This 45 minute workout is a very, very intense cardio workout for people who want more of that.  This is mainly used if you do the Double version of the program.
12. Ab Ripper X – This is only 15 minutes long, but you’ll do it every week.  I’ve tried in vain to build my abs up in the past, but this is the first time in my life I’ve ever had a 6-pack!

P90x Reviews #3: What You’ll Need, What You Won’t

One of the selling points for me was that the P90x reviews I was reading said I wouldn’t need to buy much.  All I bought, besides P90x itself, was a set of dumbbells, a chin up bar, and a yoga mat.  I eventually bought a heart rate monitor, too, which was actually really, really useful. When you buy the product, you’ll get the P90x 3-Phase Nutrition plan, which will help you eat right at every stage of the program.  To me, this is a much tastier and cheaper option than any kind of meal supplement or protein replacement, and the whole thing is pretty comprehensive.  There are plenty of recipes and daily meal schedules, so I always had the right mix of protein, fat, and carbohydrates to power my transformation and stay within my calorie allowance.  I was never hungry.

So… Does P90x Work?

P90x can be divided into three phases of 3 week strength training sessions, each separated by a week of cardio and regeneration.  Here’s how each went for me…
Fat Shredding Phase – The first 3 weeks is all about getting you ready for the rest of the program.  The Nutrition Plan had me eating a ton of protein to help build muscles as I burned the fat off.  I could feel myself getting stronger and my muscles became more defined as the weight fell.  I lost about 5 pounds during this part.
Energy Booster Phase – I thought the first phase was tough, but this is where the REAL work begins.  More carbs will be introduced into your diet because you’ll need more energy for the higher intensity workouts.  My system kicked into overdrive and I found myself more energetic generally.  I only lost 3-4 pounds during this phase, but my muscles were getting visibly larger, and hard as rocks!
Endurance Maximizer Phase – The last phase had me on a more athletic diet, working towards permanent results.  The long, intense workouts had me toning and firming muscles while burning a lot of fat.  I lost almost 7 pounds at the end.
I should mention that I was also burning a pound or two during the cardio and regeneration weeks, so by the end of the 90 days I had LOST OVER 20 POUNDS!

Tell Me… What Have You Got To Lose?

One of the biggest things that enticed me to try P90x was the 90-DAY GUARANTEE!  I figured as long as I didn’t just sit on it when I got it, I could see not just if I could handle the workouts and time commitment, but  if I was actually satisfied with the final results.  By the end of the program, though, I had lost nearly 20 pounds, including the band of fat around my gut, and actually gained a couple inches on my arms and chest!  Call me a satisfied customer!
If you do decide that you’re satisfied and want to keep the product, you can purchase it for 3 convenient payments of $39.95, which is cheaper than almost any gym membership you’ll find, and it’s good forever.  There’s a lot of focus on permanent results in the program, but some people do the whole thing over again.  So far, I’ve been pulling out particular DVDs to give myself a tune up every now and then.

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Ultimately, my results were great, and pretty much in line with all the other P90x reviews that I’ve read.  I LOOK AND FEEL BETTER THAN I HAVE IN MY LIFE!  My wife says I look fantastic in a small T-shirt, and I can tell from the looks I get that she’s telling the truth.  Honestly, I encourage anybody in decent shape to try out the 90 day trial and see where it goes.  If you’re interested, the only place to get it is the official Beachbody website.



Hi, I’m Brian & together with my wife Lisa I set up this website to help folks who want to get fit, lean or bulk up but without having to dramatically change your current lifestyle.

Like you, we have busy lives and busy schedules so we’re always on the lookout for whatever can get us in the best shape in the least time and without having to go hit the gym.  Whatever your fitness goals, we hope you find something useful here and make sure to leave a comment in the Facebook Box below :)


  1. avatarbeatrice says

    Hi.my twin sister bought me the program bt am in Africa and some of the recipes in the nutrition guid
    e are rare or hard to prepare.how can one alternate or can i just do the exercise n try eat right.will it still work?

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Hi, Beatrice. Actually, most people don’t follow the nutrition guide down to the letter. I recommend following as much as you can, but mostly just try to eat healthy. Preparing your own meals when you can instead of eating convenience or junk food can make a big difference for a lot of people. Remember that P90X is intense, so you need to make sure you don’t eat too little, either. Good luck!

  2. avatarcraver says

    If you are looking for something that does cardio and strength training for your whole body and it isn’t a gimmick than you want P90x! I’m a lot stronger, more endurance and lost 16 pounds since I started!!  

  3. avatarRon B. says

    DVDs 3 (shoulders and arms) 9 (chest shoulders and tricpets) and 10 (back and biceps) are my favorites and when I’m not actively doing the whole thing with the schedule and everything I tend to pull these out a couple times a week. Find what works for you is my advice!


  4. avatarAnne Mathews says

    I tried the Yoga X DVD with a friend of mine who has done the whole program a couple times. I have to say it wasn’t like any Yoga I’ve done and really got me interested in the whole thing. Been doing it a while, lost about 11 pounds, working on it :)


  5. avatarMichael W. says

    I went wit hte Deluxe kit because I needed a pull up bar anyway. So I’m 5 weeks in, my muscles are much much firmer and I’ve lost about 9 pounds so far. Great workout! I’m 32, male.


  6. avatarWheeler says

    Thanks for posting this guys! I read this shortly before I tried it and I wasn’t sure if it was all for real but yeah it is, I can hardly believe it. If you’re looking for a really solid at home workout this is IT!!


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      You might be able to find it on a site that infects your computer with a virus that ultimately destroys it, but it probably won’t even be P90x. The real thing is well worth the cost of admission!


  7. avatarKimberly says

    When I had kids I honestly thought I ruined my body and I”d never get back to where I was but if you follow the schedule and do the exercises really give it evreything you got then you can probably do as well as I did. I actually weight LESS than when I had my first kid. Very proud 😉  

  8. avatarAddem1970 says

    There was a gym in my old apartment building and for the longest time it was the only thing I missed about the place…. until I got this :) This IMHO is better than a gym because it gives you good direction about what to do so you work your whole body. I love it!  

  9. avatar says

    Hi Brian,

    Great post. I love to read peoples reviews of P90X as I am currently in the middle of my first round and I get a lot of motivation by hearing from others that enjoy the program. Do you have before and after pictures and statistics from your results?

    Eric Bays

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Eric, I’ve been trying to put together a *big* stat-filled article that shows my full progress over the course of several runs of both P90X and Insanity. Keep checking the site for that, in the meantime check out my article on P90X Before and After Pics.

  10. avatarFitzgerald says

    I already had most of the gear you need to do P90X but I guess I didn’t really have any idea how to REALLY use it!! Hahaha! If you want a great workout and find out how to use that equipment check out these DVDs for real!!  

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      I actually gained some inches on places like my biceps, where I just built up muscle, but in places like my waistline, I definitely lost inches :)  And yes, you also definitely lose weight with this program!


  11. avatarSaunders says

    u talk about feeling sore afterwards but how sore? like does it hurt bad? i guess no pain no gain right haha


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      The pain is actually your muscles breaking down and repairing themselves to be stronger and more toned. It’s not an excruciating pain, and as long as you don’t overdo it, it actually feels kind of good because you’ll know P90x is doing its job!


  12. avatarperry s says

    Hi, I’m a stay at home, I’ve been doing P90X when the kids go to school… I wanted to say THANK YOU for pointing out that women won’t turn into She-Hulk :) That was my main concern, but I tried it based on this review and I’ll never look back :)


  13. avatarPatric says

    Well I knew I wanted to try a Beachbody product, but the newer Insanity Workout was catching my eye. Thanks a lot for posting this, it answered basically all my questions and now I think I’ll try P90x 😉


  14. avatarElias says

    I’m 17, male, got P90X as a gift from my dad because I kept mentioning wanting to try it. Honestly if he hadn’t given it to me I probably would have given up pretty quickly but I’m glad I stuck with it! About a month and a half in, already seeing great gains in my abs, triceps, biceps and lats, I can’t wait to see what happens!


  15. avatarHasem-Turkey says

    I want to buy P90x2.However, some videos of them are very long-short.Can you give me a 90-day program, please

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Hi! Some of the videos are shorter than others, yes, but to take any guesswork out of which DVDs to do and when, the program comes with a schedule for you to follow. P90X2 isn’t a strictly 90 day program like the original P90X, but since each phase is at long as you want it to be, you can easily do it as a 90-day program. Good luck!


  16. avatarburwell says

    Can I do P90x plus a cardio program? Because I heard it’s not really cardio oriented like Insanity but I want to get looking like in the videos but I also want a lot of energy and everythig thanks


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Don’t worry, though it’s not as cardio-centric as the Insanity Workout, there is still PLENTY here to get your blood pumping and the sweat dripping. Your energy and endurance will be way up by the time you’re finished!


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      LOL! You can find a ton of people online who have used P90x successfully, myself and my wife included! I lost over 20 pounds, so it’s the real deal, my friend!  😀


  17. avatarBoogie GM says

    I went ahead and bought the P90x ultimate kit because I didn’t really have any gear to start with. Glad I made that choice! It’s so self-contained, I feel like I bought a damn gym that I can keep in my closet! LMAO!


  18. avatargorge says

    Well I bit off more than I could chew trying to dive straight in with P90X2! LOL! I was already exercising quite a bit and play a couple sports but WOW! So I’m doing P90X now and it’s easier but still whuppin my ass haha! Great workout! Can’t wait to work up to P90X2!!


  19. avatarjerrod says

    i actually wasn’t expecting to lose a lot of weight, just wanted to tone up and everything but i lost about 12 or 13 pounds…awesome… also did what i expected it to which is to get my muscles really firm and toned so thanks alot!


  20. avatarSHIELLA says

    Eighteen pounds? Seriously, I didn’t expect to lose this much AT ALL! It is VERY difficult, though, at least it was for me. You have to be ready to really sweat and work hard but trust me it’s worth it!


  21. avatarColin says

    I was kind of scared when I watched “How to Bring it”…. like OMG what did I sign up? LOL but Tony is a real professional, gets you into it without TOO MUCH pain haha just give it what you have and you will get better at teh whole thing.


  22. avatarantonino says

    I do a lot of free weight lifting at the gym but I’m interested in P90x. The dudes in the videos look pretty buff. Would you see it’s better than free weights?


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Because of Tony Horton’s many years of training, he knows just what kind of exercises to do to shape up your entire body, so I think of it as superior to sheer weight lifting. However, if you’re looking to pack on a lot of muscle, body-builder style, weight lifting is still the go-to method. There’s no good reason you have to quick lifting forever just because you do P90x, though!


  23. avatarChinmin says

    Help! I missed a week of P90x (long story short, too much drama in my life lol!) Do I need to do anything special to get back to it?


  24. avatarslice of me says

    Well, I’m a believer! I honestly thought it would help, but I didn’t believe I would look this good after just 90 days. About 15 pounds off, clothes fitting losely, and I want to get smaller clothes to show off my new body hahah!



  25. avatarArth says

    I actually don’t have all the equipment I need to really do it but I have enough to fake it LOL still working on that…. anyway just given what I’m able to do its really effective and I’ve lost maybe 7-8 pounds and stregnthend up, I want to do P90X2 next if i get the gear LOL


  26. avatarcris says

    I’ve done the DVDs so many times i almost know them by heart…. i wish i could bring my own soundtrack but it doesn’t sync right lmao…. anyway, I dropped 2 pants sizes, almost 3 (fingers crossed) and i haven’t done the whole thing yet so i think it’s GOOD!


  27. avatarYouseliked says

    Hello Brian I’m actually looking to gain weight not lose it lol! Is there a supplement or something I can take to help a skinny guy like me gain weight?


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      I’ll try to post an article soon about gaining weight, but the main thing is to exercise and also eat right! Eat a lot! If you’re working hard doing P90x your body will turn that food into muscle, rather than the masses of fat most people try to avoid. Good luck!


  28. avatarCarmichael says

    I’ve been doing P90x a couple weeks now and I’m really getting into it… my question is this: how do I get the MAXIMuM results? I’m male/31, in okay shape, getting better.


  29. avatarBarry says

    i get into practically a trance when im doing this just like lose myself….. almost have to because its so intesne LOL you have to give it everything you got. i lost 14 pounds but i also got really good looking muscles now it was perfect

  30. avatarallan u says

    I’m a man in my early 50’s, I’ve always been fairly active but I always HATED DVD workout programs. I saw P90X on TV for years before I finally gave it a shot… and WOW this is legit! It’s really unlike anything I’ve done… even if you don’t do the whole program to the T this will definitely help keep you in good shape, looking and feeling great!


  31. avatarcaroline says

    Hi Brian And Lisa. I’m looking for a program that will help me lose weight and ALSO get a flat stomach… BUT I don’t want “ripped abs” since I’m a woman, just flat! Thanks.


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Don’t worry, women aren’t built like men and their muscles don’t respond in the same way. You’ll have a flat, sexy, toned stomach, not a manly six-pack!


  32. avatarLuly says

    hey 18 year old female here – i was a little critical of tony horton before i started but you learn really fast that hes really good at keeping you motivated so you can get through it – its really hard but the results make it worth it for real!

  33. avatarennard g says

    i really started this because i was having trouble getting abs on my own…. well ab ripper x really helped with that but also i found that the exercises in this toned me up better than anything i was already doing so i really recommend this


  34. avatarShin says

    so out of the 12 workouts i think i really like about 7 of them, but i try to them all from time to time (i don’t necessarily follow the schedule.) for me i love the shoulders and arms dvd and the back and biceps really helped in areas i wasn’t working very well… don’t like the yoga that much but i do feel like it helps with certain things like balance and stuff. overall very good.


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      It’s 6 days a week, about an hour to an hour and a half each, for 90 days. You’ll get a schedule that tells you which DVDs to do each day for the optimal results.


  35. avatarmimosa p says

    Hey there I’m a 28 year old mother of two, I used P90X to try to get back to my pre-pregnancy condition and what do you know – I actually feel like I look better than I did even before I got pregnant with my first kid. This workout really works bt you have to be willing to put in the effort!


  36. avatarRalphie says

    I spent a week on the Insanity Workout and then decided to try this instead. This is more up my alley since it has a lot more strength training exercises and general fitness and the cardio is definitely more than adequate LOl


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      No, if you want to follow the nutrition guide, which isn’t entirely necessary, it’s a pretty normal diet, not a low-carb thing.

  37. avatarJanet says

    This is a very informative website. Good job. I’ve got about 10 days left of my Insanity program. I’m considering p90x, maybe as a hybrid with Insanity OR running. I’ve always had pretty poor upper body strength especially when attempting push-ups or pull-ups. Because of that, p90x scares me.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Believe me, you wouldn’t be the only person to go into P90X a little bit scared, after all, it IS a very intense program! However, based on the fact that you’re only 10 days away from finishing Insanity, you clearly have more willpower and resolve than quite a lot of people, which gives you an edge on starting P90X! I say, give it a shot! Good luck!

  38. avatarjacques says

    It took me three tries to finish P90X but because of how it works it was easier every time since I was in better shape. I think the key is persistence it’s a very demanding program but the results are really awesome. I lost close to 20 pounds total and my muscles are firmer and more defined than ever!

  39. avatarQuarterman says

    I got one of the upgraded kits that come with the gear and I really like P90x don’t get me wrong but I found out some of the gear is cheaper at the sporting goods place near me so just buyer beware and shop around  

  40. avatarnotorious says

    Hello, I’m a male in my early 20’s, pretty good shape, I was wondering if I could do the P90x Ab Ripper by itself to get good abs? Or will it only work if I do the whole program?

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      The Ab Ripper, on its own, will help you get great abs, BUT keep in mind that in order for them to be visible, you need low body fat, which the whole P90x program can help a lot with.

  41. avatarTrinity A says

    i bought p90x but it needed so much equipment i returned it and got this. its pretty much perfect for me because i have a small place not much place to store stuff plus i don’t have the money lol! halfway through, lost about 8 pounds so far, can’t wait for final results!

  42. avatarBetty Reese says

    23/f Got This From A Friend Who Did It Before Me…. Was Worried It Would Make Me Mannish But Like You Said It Doesn’t But It Does Help Tone You UP And Lose Weight So I’m Very Happy With How It’s Working Out 😀


  43. avatarmorgan says

    I really think the nutrition guide is kind of understated, people don’t realize how helpful it is. I actually didn’t finish all of P90X… I plan on getting back to it soon but I have adjusted my diet according to the guide and I do feel a lot better, I think it’s easier to get through the workouts if you adhere to it, too.

  44. avataryeah boy' says

    What is the nutrition guide? Does it have me eating like twigs and bark and crap? I don’t want to have to eat every meal of health food store junk I love good food!! And I don’t want to starve!

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      LOL! Don’t worry, the included P90x Nutrition Guide is a pretty detailed plan for eating right at each of the 3 phases of P90x. You’ll actually be eating a lot, maybe even more than you are now because of the demands the program puts on your body. And it’s REAL food. You can use the recipes included or just use the plan as a guideline.


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      You don’t need a ton, just some dumbbells and/or resistance bands and a chin-up bar. Optionally, a yoga mat, heart rate monitor and push-up stands will help out a lot, too.


  45. avatarHarold P says

    I’ve read so many positive reviews of P90x I just have to wonder: where are the bad reviews?  Everything has bad reviews!  It makes me wonder if the P90x people just canvass the internet with fake reviews.


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      There are some out there, just not many 😉  The fact is, P90x just works for the vast, vast majority of people who try it.

      Don’t take my word for it, though: it comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.  You can try the whole thing at no risk.


  46. avatargenevieve says

    I’m a mother in my late 20s and tried a lot of things trying to get rid of the weight I gained when I had my two beautiful little girls. Jogging, swimming, dieting, hitting the gym… nothing seemed to work past a certain point until P90x! Muscle Confusion rocks!


  47. avatarRudy S says

    I love the Ab Ripper the most, definitely made a big difference in how I look without a shirt! Also, was convinced the yoga thing was just filler until I actually tried it. Totally not the yoga my ex used to do LOL! All in all P90x is awesome1


  48. avatarPhilip Vestergaard says

    I have done P90X three times now and I get better every single time. Do you think P90X2 is better than just keeping going with my program?


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      P90x2 adds a lot of new stuff, so yeah, I’d say it is better and it will probably give you results you’re not even expecting. And since you already have a solid foundation to start with, you’ll get more out of it than a lot of people will!


  49. avatarlester v says

    Thanks for posting all these articles! I always need to do a ton of research before I buy but I found all the info I wanted here. On my third week of P90X now, all I can say is WoW, you were right!!


  50. avatarsuperman says

    lol i can’t believe you idiots would buy some infomercial crap! i gotta magic cream that makes you invincible if yer interested!


  51. avatarcassandra says

    I started doing these recently and I agree that each phase gets your ready for the next… I skipped ahead to the Strength phase too soon after the Foundation one LOL I had to go back and work on it until I was comfortable with it, now doing a lot better at the Strength exercises.

  52. avatarreames says

    well i kept seeing it on tv for years and years since i was a kid even so i figured it was probably at least ok… lol… i had no idea… i have frickin abs now and lost about 8 pounds and i was just a skinny-fat video gamer couch potato 😛


  53. avatarTina S says

    Hi Brian, 

    Im looking to tone up and build more strength but…. I travel a lot for work so I hve to be able to take the workout with me anywhere.and dumbells and pull up bars are not travel friendly.  Will I still get the same results if I just use resistance bands? Can I just use resistances bands? 

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Hi Tina,
      You can get by without the dumbbells, though there aren’t really great substitutes for the pull-up bar exercises. You’ll still get GOOD results, though they won’t be the same results you’d get with the pull up bar. The results are slightly different, but you may want to consider the Insanity Workout, which doesn’t require equipment and is very portable.

  54. avatarsheryll says

    i would recommend this to my friends or anyone as long as there healthy. i lost 10 pounds so far, not finishd yet but ill probably try it again to see what happens.


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      If you’re trying to lose this kind of weight, I’d recommend using a more weight-loss oriented program like the Insanity Workout.  That said, if you’re 100 pounds overweight, you may want to talk to a doctor before getting started to make sure you’re in good enough shape to being.  Good luck!


  55. avatarKeith B says

    I did P90X twice the regular way, now I’m trying P90X Doubles. Whoa! It’s true what they say about never hitting the wall with this one, I just get better and better… stronger, faster, more flexible, better stamina… BMI is crazy low, my muscle tone is like god-tier. It’s better than a personal trainer!


  56. avatarSarah A says

    Hi Brian, I’m a 27 year old woman and I’ve done the Insanity Workout, with great results.  I’m interested in P90x now, but my concern is that I’ll end up really bulky, and well, “manly”.  Should I alter the routine somehow?

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      You won’t get “manly”, trust me 😉  Women simply don’t have the hormones and body chemistry to make them get bulky the same way men do.  Take a look at Tony’s female workout buddies.  Any of them look like She-Hulk to you?

  57. avatarkimpee says

    should i drink like redbull or take an energy supplement before i start? i feel like that will make it easier and i’ll get through it better.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      I don’t recommend using any kind of energy supplements.  If you eat the right kinds of foods, you’ll have plenty of energy to power through these workouts.

      If you find yourself lacking energy, you might want to look into Shakeology, which is about the only “supplement” I recommend.  Read my review of it here.

  58. avatarCecil says

    Hello I’m a woman in my 50s and one of my younger friends told me it was even good for me. I asked my doctor first, he gave the go-ahead and ahead I went! Feeling and looking better than I have in years! 2 inches off my waist!

  59. avatarlucy says

    been seeing the commercials for years… didnt think it was for me… well you convinced me… i thought i would return it but im kind of surprised it really works… doing it at my own pace but my pace keeps getting better 😀

  60. avatarcris laverinth says

    I struggled with my weight and general lack of fitness for years. I had that unused, expensive gym membership you talk about. Figured P90X would have gone the way of dinosaurs by now if it didn’t work and I was right.  ALMOST 20 pounds off, I have MUCH more energy and I look fan-f’n-tastic!

  61. avatarKyle says

    hey so i actually tried this a little bit but i don’t really think its for everybody…. it wasnt for me anyawy i thought it really too hard so i returned it……. easy to get my money back at least


  62. avatartrina 28 says

    Hi, I just started P90x and it is HARD! OMG! I almost got sick to my stomach the other day but I’m learning my limits and stuff… I can tell it is working no pain no gain right? LOL!


  63. avatarArt Castillo says

    Hi. I just finished doing P90x and I feel great. I lost 16 pounds, built muscle and look awesome. I’m ready to go again! How long do I have to wait?


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      My personal recommendation is to wait at least a week or two to give your body a chance to rest.  You should, by all means, stay active and keep eating right, but there’s no need to jump right back into something as intense as P90x right away.


  64. avatarMason says

    Awesome, guys, couldn’t have done it without you! My body looks better than when I was a teenager, I can’t believe it. Confidence is at an all time high :)


  65. avatarDixon says

    Just now worked my way up to the Chest, Shoulders and Triceps vid… surprising myself constantly by what I’m capable of now! I feel like a finely tuned machine, and it only gets better!


  66. avatarnimfa says

    Hello, I’m a vegan female, 5’2” 145 pounds. Will I be able to do P90x or do I have to eat meat/animal products?




    • avatarBrian Prost says

      As you may know, a lot of champion athletes are vegans.  As long as you make sure you’re getting plenty of protein and calories, you shouldn’t have a problem!


  67. avatarCarlton says

    Big thanks to Brian and the website, you convinced me to try it and everything is coming up me. Halfway through, 9 pounds gone, endurance and strength up, muscle TONED! Wish me luck!

  68. avatarclive says

    I’m on the rowing team in school, I started this hoping to get in better shape for that and what do you know, it actually helps a lot! Flexibilty and strength are up and I’m in all around better condition. Lost more weight than expected (11 pounds) too!


  69. avatardenard says

    Hey I do P90x with a couple of the guys from my weekly office basketball games… we’re not pro athletes or anything but I really do believe this helps give us a big edge over the rest of our guys. Thank you!


  70. avatarHubby Ben says

    Been doing these with wifey. Have to take turns on the chin-up bar but no big deal. Great results so far. She’s in better shape than I am, always have been, but finally catching up 😉  Thanks Brian!


  71. avatarpoliceman64 says

    Hi, Brian, I’ve been reading your articles and you said it’s fine and good to do both P90x and the Insanity Workout, but which one should I do first?  Does it matter?


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      It doesn’t matter that much, no.  You’ll always get more benefits as you get in better shape and do the programs.  It’s a matter of personal preference, really.

  72. avatararnould says

    P90X has taught me a lot of things, like what I’m capable of in terms of fitness. It also taught me how much I was neglecting my legs in my old workouts LOL! I feel ike Bruce Lee or Tony Jaa now! P90X FTW!


  73. avatarChiz says

    My wife bought me P90X for Christmas a year ago because I said I wanted to get into better shape… and then I just let it sit in the closet most of the time! I finally tried it (cheaper than a gym membership) and all I can say is WOW! All she can say? Also WOW!


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Most people will be fine with just the regular P90x schedule.  If you’re in really good shape and want more, there’s P90x Doubles, and if you’re looking to lose more weight and aren’t worried as much about strength training, try P90x Lean.

  74. avatarangelo says

    I tried it but it wasn’t for me. I think it works for other people but I did it for about 1 week and it mostly just made me tired.

  75. avatarRIO says

    I would like to tone up my body and muscles but I don’t really want to get too big. Is P90X good for building tone, lean muscles?

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Absolutely.  And while you will get bigger muscles with the program, it’s not a body-builder-type bulking program.  If you’re worried, you can always try P90x Lean, which focuses a little more on what you’re talking about.

  76. avatarryan cha says

    me and my brother just started 1 month ago. so far he lost 4 pounds and i lost 5. hard work but looking forward to more, getting in much better shape finally!

  77. avatarethel b says

    Hi, Brian, been using P90x for about a year now on and off. I did the regular schedule first, but I love the results and certain workouts I feel help me out more, like I do Kenpo X a lot.. great cardeo! Just wanted to say thanks!


  78. avatarGaston D says

    i want to do p90x but it seems so over welming! how will i know which DVD or workout to do every day im not as good at fitness stuff as you.

  79. avatarshynna sheldon says

    I pity the fool who doesn’t try this! No seriously I’m in the second month and I’ve only lost 6 pounds but I am DEFINITELY gaining muscle and strength. Looking forward to end results.

  80. avatarjack2x says

    Hi, I want to get into better shape but I’m worried I’m not strong enough.  How much should you be able to lift before starting P90x? I am a man in my early 20’s, 6’2” and 210 lbs.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Tony Horton will have you working as hard as YOU can, but don’t worry if you think you won’t be strong enough.  Even if you find you’re unable to do the exercises like push-ups at first, there are alternate moves to help you ease into the routine.  With time and effort, you will definitely become stronger :)

  81. avatarhot guy says

    I did Insanity before and I like this one more. Insanity will help you lose alot of weight but you wont get really stronger like with P90x. Upper body strength is up, muscles looking awesome.

  82. avatarrickley m says

    ok… i’m a teenager but here is my opinion… p90x will work but only if you are willing to work very hard… i only finished about half not even before i had to stop… im in better shape now but i will start again

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      You don’t really need supplements if you eat right while doing the program, but a multi-vitamin is a good bet for a lot of people.  I actually quit taking them, though, and just have a Shakeology  every day, whether I’m doing P90x or not.

  83. avatarBetty A says

    This is the first workout I’ve found that is actually helping get rid of my post-pregnancy extra weight. I thought I might be stuck with that LOL!

  84. avatarRaymond H says

    I tried P90x Doubles when I first got it. Big mistake LOL! Bit off a little more than I could chew… went back to the regular version and it’s about the intensity I was looking for. Great workout, great results, gonna work my way up to doubles for real though.

  85. avatarlatino heat says

    I just ordered P90x and was wondering if you could tell me what the best workout routine is with the discs?

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      You have a few different options, but most people just follow the recommended basic schedule.  You’ll also get instructions on how and why to do P90x Lean or Doubles, or you can just do the workouts as you feel like doing them.  I’d go with the first option, especially if you’re just starting.

  86. avatarGuill says

    They say anybody can do this but I’m sorry that’s just stupid you have to be athletic to do this. I ended up getting a refund but at least they didn’t try to screw me over with that.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      I’d be really wary of any site that claimed to let you download P90x. It will almost definitely harm your computer.

  87. avatarconfused muscle says

    MUSCLE CONFUSION! This is the real thing, I don’t get “used to it” like I have with other workouts. I think that is the secret to why it works so well. Trust in Tony Horton and P90x.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      That really depends on a number of factors.  P90x will help you get the required muscle tone AND melt the fat off to make them visible, but how long it takes depends on where you are in terms of weight and muscle.

  88. avatarKevin K says

    I used to do sort of random push-ups and crunches and stuff, made up my own routine and some lifting. P90x just blows all that out of the water. Gave me the direction I needed to get into REAL shape. Thanks Brian, Lisa, and Tony!

  89. avatarEmett J says

    I play basketball a couple times a week with my friends but I heard the rest is important with P90x so you have time to repair your muscles. Do I have to take a break from sports for 90 days or what??

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Playing basketball with your friends a couple times a week should be just fine :)  You’d probably only have to worry if you were training for it every day, but even then it’s a matter of listening to your body to see if you’re overworking yourself.

  90. avatarmiguel f says

    hello ive tried alot of diffrent weight loss programs and tried jogging and stuff but it hasnt been that much good for me.  how long will it take to see results with p90x?

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      You should be losing weight within the first week, and if you keep at it and give it what you’ve got, people will probably start commenting on your visibly fitter appearance within the first month :) If you’re not satisfied, remember you’ve got a 90-day money back guarantee.

  91. avatarfrom texas says

    I have 2 sons that were talking a lot about P90x and at first I thought it was some kind of pill or something! Both got in very good shape in just a few months. We’re not a really athletic family, or we weren’t, but I’m doing P90X now and its hard but the results so far are just wow! I’m 52, BTW.

  92. avatarNathan says

    I’m currently in the endurance maximizer phase, the last phase, and whew! It’s busting my ass… in a good way! The build up to this was rough but has prepared me to an extent, I look great and I really do feel like it’s maximizing my endurance.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Everything you’ll need will fit in a closet: dumbells/resistance bands and a chin-up bar are pretty necessary, and a yoga mat and push-up stands will help a lot.

  93. avatarconrad peters says

    OMG P90x kicked my ass so hard! First week, felt like I had the flu… really! Body ached so bad all over… I actually quit for a couple weeks and started over… did a little better this time i must be in better shape already! only on week 3, will let you know how it goes

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      I wrote up an article about P90x lean you can check out here, but in a nutshell it focuses a little bit more on the cardio aspect, so you’ll lose more weight but gain less strength and muscle than with regular P90x.

  94. avatarJULES says

    My girlfriend does yoga and I thought it was a joke, but Tony Horton’s yoga is a different animal and Yoga X is one of my favorite workouts now!  I bust it out when I’m not even doing P90X, great workout, FEELS GREAT!

  95. avatarcharles says

    Hi I’m a 33 year old male, I finished P90x and the results were really good! Lost a lot of weight, muscles looking better, a lot better, but next time I will need to get bigger dumbbells, I only have 15s but I’m going to move up for better results!

  96. avatarPaul Bremmer says

    Hi I had a coworker who was doing P90x and he looked really good afterwards like he lost a lot of fat and got better muscles. I dont know where to get the required shakes though? Can you tell?

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      One of the great things about P90x is that it doesn’t require any kind of supplements or meal replacements or anything.  Your coworker may have been talking about Shakeology, though, which is made by Beachbody, the same people who make P90x.  It’s not required, but it did help me lose a lot more weight and keep it off!

  97. avatarAndrew John says

    Hi I was reading about the different P90x programs… P90x lean and P90x doubles… I was wondering if just the regular one is good for building strength and muscle mass…

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Yes, absolutely!  It’s not a huuuge bulk-building power lifter program, but you’ll definitely get stronger, with bigger, toner muscles :)

  98. avatarLeslie says

    I did P90x Lean because I was worried it would make me too “buff” (I’m a woman) and I had really great results. I’m tone and lean, lower weight than I’ve been since my 20s.  Your site says not to worry about women getting too “buff” so I’m doing the regular version soon.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      If you want to burn the maximum amount of fat with P90x, follow the included guidelines for doing P90x lean, which is a slight alteration of the program.  For some really serious fat-burning, though, if you’re less concerned about building your strength up, check out the Insanity Workout.

  99. avatarmuscle_man says

    I lift weights in the gym at the apartment complex where I live, and I’ve found that it makes a world of difference in my strength and muscle tone.  I’d like to start doing P90x, do I have to stop lifting weights?

    • avatar says

      It really depends.  The biggest way to tell is by listening to your body!  If you feel really worn out, you’re doing too much!  Your body needs time to rest to repair your muscles and get stronger.  Keep in mind that P90x already has a lot of strength training built in.  If you’re unsure, asking your doctor is the easiest and surest way to find out.

  100. avatarMarko Sjöström says

    Hello I’m a male, 32 years old, and I have a fair amount of pudge I’d like to get rid of.  How long do you think it would take me to lose 40 pounds?

    • avatar says

      That honestly depends on a number of factors, but P90x can definitely help you lose that weight if you’re willing to put forth the effort.  In my case, I lost over 20 pounds the first time through, and you can do it over again to lose even more weight.  Good luck! :)

  101. avatarMax G says


  102. avatarAchilles says

    I have been jogging almost every day for a few years but I reached a cut off point with that, I was always at the same weight. P90x pushed me off of that plateau and I’ve lost almost 10 pounds so far and I actually have a lot more energy. Not to mention how great my body looks!

    • avatar says

      Besides the motivation and drive to get fit, you mean?  You’ll need some dumbbells and/or resistance bands and a chin-up bar, at least.  Some optional equipment that I recommend is a yoga mat, a heart rate monitor, and some push-up stands.  Check out my article, What Do You Need For P90x for more info.

  103. avatartherese r says

    i just started p90x 3 weeks ago. at first i thought it might be too hard but my advice is to just keep going. i lost 7 pounds so far. im 20/f/5’6” thanks.

  104. avatarFrancis says

    Thanks, Brian and Lisa! I’m a 43 year old man and I wasn’t sure this was for me but you convinced me to try and I couldn’t be happier!  Finished my first run the other day, looking and feeling great, I’m going to wait a few weeks and try it again!

  105. avatarRob from Reno says

    What is the best diet for when ur doing P90x?  I want to get the most out of it and eat right so I can really lose some weight!

    • avatar says

      The best diet is to follow the P90x 3-phase nutrition guide.  It will help you eat right.  If you want a little extra boost into healthy eating, you can try integrating Shakeology into your diet.
      You’ll be working really hard with P90x, so you don’t need to starve yourself.  You may actually end up needing more calories than you already consume, but the nutrition guide will be able to tell you more.

  106. avatarK Zang says

    My BMI was bout 33 when I started… I’m down to 28 but I have a long way to go… I can tell it gets easier tho if you just stick with it… it IS very hard work but this one really does work

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