P90x For Weight Loss: Tips And Tricks

P90x is one of the most popular fitness programs in the world.  Designed by Tony Horton, who has years of professional fitness training experience, many people have found that it to be a quick, 90-day rocket ride to much better health.  You’ll gain endurance, build and strengthen muscles, and burn up the fat that’s covering them up, so the whole world can see how good you look.  The system is very customizable, and can be used to reach whatever fitness goals you may have.  In this article, I’m going to focus specifically on using P90x for weight loss.

Weight Loss And More!

weight loss

First of all, let me say that you will almost definitely lose weight on P90x.  Even if you just follow the straight-ahead guidelines without making any alterations, you’ll find you’ll burn a ton of fat.  However, it’s also a muscle building program, so you’ll be gaining some of what you’re losing in fat as muscle.

Building muscle naturally increases your metabolism, which will mean you’ll actually start burning more calories at rest than you did before.  There’s also the factor of Muscle Confusion, which I go into greater depth in my P90x review here, but in a nutshell, it’s difficult, if not impossible to plateau on P90x.  As long as you do the work, you will continue to see the results.

Still, I know there are people out there who are, at least right now, much more concerned with straight-up losing weight.  Thankfully, there are a number of ways to modify the program to just burn up fat without worrying too much about building muscle.  If you want the maximum P90x weight loss possible, here are some things you can do.

Go Lean, Go Double

The P90x Fitness Guide lists some alternate workout schedules you can use through the 90 days to get the results you’re after.  The Lean Version substitutes and adds more cardio to the program specifically for people looking to lose more weight, while the Doubles Version just ramps things way up for athletes training for events, or anybody who is really super serious about getting in shape.

Choosing either the Lean or Doubles Version over the the regular, or Classic schedule, is a great way to burn more fat than you would otherwise.  If you’re truly motivated, you can start off Lean, and work your way up to Doubles.  (If you’re just getting started with P90x, I don’t recommend Doubles immediately unless you’re already in pretty damn good shape.  You don’t want to hurt yourself!)

More Reps, More Burn

work hard

I still remember the formula I learned in high school for building muscle: fewer reps, higher weight.  Working yourself to failure, increasing the weight, and doing it again is one of the fastest, most reliable ways to build muscle, and P90x is so effective at building muscle because Tony constantly has you doing reps of really difficult exercises until failure.  You want to be doing at least 12 reps to burn fat and not really build muscle, but this can be really difficult, if not impossible, when Tony is demanding things like pull-ups.  I’m not sure the average adult can do one!

This is actually less of a problem than it seems, though.  The key is simply to modify the exercises so you can do more of them.  Tony gives examples of alternate exercises to do if you can’t do the regular ones, and these are often good options.  You can also do things like do your push-ups (or some of them) on your knees, or use a chair when you’re doing pull-ups.

You still want to be working yourself to failure, but only after 12-25 reps, so adjust your exercises so this is the range you’re hitting.


Also, if you do these kind of modifications, remember to focus on working the muscles you’re supposed to be working for that exercise!  You won’t get the full benefit of P90x if you’re accidentally working your legs when you’re supposed to be working your chest!  It’s designed to be a full-body tune-up, and you can get that even if you’re just doing P90x for weight loss.

Watch Those Calories

It should go without saying that if you’re trying to lose weight, you need to watch your caloric intake.  However, P90x will make serious demands of your body, and you’re asking for very serious trouble if you try to starve yourself while working so hard.

For the most part, people can stay within the guidelines for calorie intake during each of the phases of the program.  Of course, no two people share the same metabolism, so you may need to adjust.  If you find you’re not losing any weight, try staggering your diet: follow the caloric guidelines for a day, and then cut back for a day.  You need to make sure you’re getting all your vital nutrients while also creating a caloric deficit.

The main reason P90x is so popular is BECAUSE IT WORKS!  I’m pretty sure the second reason is that it’s so customizable.  This isn’t for one homogenous group of people with one homogeneous fitness goal, it’s for anyone with the willpower and drive to power themselves through an incredible transformation.  If you’ve been considering P90x for weight loss, you are on the right track!  To try it with a FULL 90-DAY GUARANTEE, check out the official website today.

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