P90x Before And After: See The Results

You have no doubt spent much of your life hearing about new products, diets and fitness programs that are supposed to provide marvelous and impressive changes to your physique in little to no time with next to no effort on your part.  It’s easy to be cynical, especially for those of us who have actually tried some of these things out, typically with less than stellar results.  It’s for this reason that I know a lot of people are still unsure if P90x is the real deal or another set of marketing gimmicks, but the system has been going strong and only building popularity since its debut nearly a decade ago.  It only takes a quick look at P90x before and after results to see why this is.

It Certainly Worked For Me

P90x isn’t some kind of overnight miracle: it’s going to take a good amount of effort on your part, 6 days a week, for 90 days.  Still, if you’re willing to put in the effort, THE RESULTS ARE NO LESS THAN STUNNING!

I go into much greater depth about my week-by-week results in my article on P90x results, but over the course of the program, I lost a lot of fat, and gained a fair amount of muscle.  Specifically, I dropped over 20 pounds, reducing that stubborn belly fat while simultaneously building my abs into a sexy 6-pack.  My legs are stronger and more muscular, but I’m particularly proud of what I’ve done to my upper body.  My arms, shoulders and chest are noticeably a couple inches bigger and more muscular.

It Worked For My Wife, Too

One thing about that should be said about P90x is that it isn’t just for aging former college athletes like myself, looking to bulk up, it’s for anybody willing and able to put in the time and effort for a healthier, better-looking, and better-performing body.  My wife starting doing the program after seeing the customization options provided so everyone can get the right workout to reach their goals.

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Women may want to check out her article on P90x for women to find out more about her P90x results before and after, but in short, she also lost a lot of weight (nearly 20 pounds), while sculpting and shaping her muscles.  For women, it’s more about burning fat and toning up than growing bulky muscles like men.  She DROPPED FIVE PANTS SIZES AND WENT FROM A 28 TO 23 BMI!  The stubborn pregnancy fat is gone, and she just looks utterly fantastic.

P90x Results Before And After: Don’t Take My Word For It!

On the intro DVD, How To Bring It, Tony emphasizes that you really should be taking pictures of yourself to document your progress.  He walks you through a few different poses you’ll want photos of in the beginning, and then at the 30, 60, and 90 day marks.  These P90x before and after pictures will provide excellent motivation and incentive to continue the program, because you’ll be able to see EXACTLY how your body is changing.

There is a practically endless and growing supply of these P90x success pictures on the internet.  The official Beachbody site has lots, and a quick Google Image Search brings up over a million of them!

Photo Attribution: workoutsandexercises.net

The above picture was actually one of the things that convinced me P90x was something I needed to try.  I was in very similar shape before I started, and like him, I look practically like a different person.  The difference in muscle tone and quantity of fat is incredibly apparent, and this is why I’m always telling people that P90X IS AN EXCELLENT PROGRAM FOR A FULL BODY TRANSFORMATION!

Photo Attribution: spyderjacketsusoutlet.com

I’m planning on write a couple more articles about P90x before and after results both for men and for women, but I wanted to include this photo because the results are so dramatic.  It goes to show you what is possible if you plan your goals well, set your mind to them, and work hard!  I’m planning on going through the whole program again, perhaps in Doubles mode, and while this isn’t the exact physique I’m aiming for, it’s certainly motivating to know what kind of muscles I can build without an expensive gym membership.

To sum it, P90x before and after results are nothing less than spectacular, provided you’re ready to push yourself through the full 90 days.  Remember, there’s a 90-DAY GUARANTEE, so you risk nothing just trying it out.  The official Beachbody site is the only place to get the full product with guarantee, so don’t get it anywhere else.  For more information, click here to read my P90x review.

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  1. avatarhello there says

    I didn’t take pictures but I should have…. I’ve got a couple weeks left but I lost 17 pounds and I’m looking pretty buff honestly :) If I do it again and I think I will I’m definitely going to take pics at the different stages!

  2. avatarLinda T says

    these are pretty convincing and i think there pretty acurate…. my brothers do p90x and it helped them get in much better shape i’m a girl just starting and i took pics to start. haven’t lost weight yet just1 week but will post again later.

  3. avatarCara says

    Hi Brian, my husband is set on ordering this and I’m interested too but how do I avoid bulking up? I just want to get lean and toned and everything not “ripped” thanks!

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      A woman’s body simply will not respond the same way as a man’s, so you have nothing to worry about. You can also consider doing the Lean version of the program.

  4. avatarramon c says

    Oh how do I post my own? I look kind of like the guy in the middle of the page but not as pronounced LOL I’ve done P90X one time so far and planning on starting again on Saturday. I love Muscle Confusion!

  5. avatarRick M says

    What is “Doubles Mode” that you mentioned? I want to do P90X but I feel like I’m in much better shape than most people, very active in sports, etc.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      You’ll get instructions to modify the program in a few different ways, one of which is Doubles, which basically doubles up the amount of exercise you do. Sound like it might be a good option for you, if you can handle it

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      There’s no real set ratio. I lost more weight in fat than I gained in muscle, I’m sure, but depending on your body type, it could be different. Just know that when you’re finished, you’re going to be in MUCH better shape than at the beginning

  6. avatarHolly says

    Thanks for posting these, there pretty much what I was looking for. It’s one thing to say about how much you lost or whatever but I think its much better to show normal people how they did so I’ll probably try it too.

  7. avatarseth mason says

    Would you say this is better than a gym membership? I really want to get in shape this year and I’ve been debating my options with myself.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      For my money, yes, it is better than a gym membership. A gym will give you access to more equipment, but you’re basically on your own, and you have to deal with going to the gym. P90X is very well designed to take you from one point to the next, in clear steps, and with minimal equipment, and from the privacy of your own home. Look at the pics; the results speak for themselves!

  8. avatarjames yow says

    I just took my 30 day photo and I knew I was toning up but I had no idea how much until I compared it to the day 0 photo. OMG! I can’t wait to see the difference when I hit 90 days!!

  9. avatarbuffboy says

    I was doing P90X without all the equipment and wasn’t really getting the full thing out of it I think but I just went and bought the last couple things I need…. actually starting over so just took my day 1 photo, will be great to see how I progress.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      That’s a tricky question… I’d say if you just missed a few days, maybe a couple weeks, you can start back where you left off. But if you’ve been off of P90x for a while and not really exercising, you may want to work your way back up to form.

  10. avatargerald says

    Hello Brian. I finally tried P90X, was either that or Insanity but based on the photos I think this is going to be more what I’m looking for. I’m 33 and male, in okay shape hoping to get much better :)

  11. avatarrayearth30 says

    I’m almost done with P90X and my pics look kind of like in the ones you posted but not quite…. what should I do after I finished? Insanity Workout?

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      A lot of people do Insanity, and other people just do P90X again. Ask yourself, what are YOUR weight and fitness goals and what program will help you achieve them?

  12. avatarHeleana says

    I stand around all day at my job but don’t actually “move” too much so P90X kind of whupped my ass a little bit. It really feels good, though, I can’t wait until I finsh and have good before and after pics to compare too!