My Insanity Workout Review Tough Work, Crazy Results

My Insanity Workout Review

I like to think of myself as a relatively fit guy.  I stay active: swimming a couple times a week if I’m lucky, basketball with friends occasionally, sometimes even a good jog.  I’ve tried a few home workout programs and exercise videos, but for the most part I’ve been pretty unsatisfied with these.  For the most part it seems like they don’t really add much to my overall fitness, as they typically seem intended for people who aren’t all that active to begin with.  I have, however, recently found an intense new 60-day exercise program totally unlike anything I’ve ever tried before, and I’ve been getting really into it.  So here it is: my Insanity Workout Review and you can also read about the experiences of 150+ other Insanity uses in the comments section below.

This Is Just Nuts!

First of all, I need to stress who this program is for.  This isn’t for lazy people, pregnant women, or anybody with joint problems.  If you haven’t exercised in years, you should probably look for something a little lighter, as well.  This is also not the program for anybody looking to put on a lot of bulk (though you may be interested in the popular P90x program which is produced by the same company, Beachbody. You can take a look at my Insanity Vs P90x article for the full lowdown on the difference between these two programs).

That said, if you’re already in pretty good health, and ready to take your fitness to the next level, the Insanity Workout might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.  This is a program designed to push you to the limit, and get you very impressive results, very quickly.  Specifically, you’re going to BURN FAT, GAIN ENDURANCE, FITNESS, AND CONFIDENCE IN JUST 60 DAYS!

I don’t know how else to say this: Shaun Ts Insanity Workout will kick your ass!  As far as I know, there has never been a home workout program this intense before.  You’re going to have to be ready to bring everything you’ve got if you want to take on this workout, but trust me, if you stick it out through the whole 60 days, you will look and feel visibly much healthier.  You’ll have more stamina than ever, and you’ll have an overall more cut, defined appearance.  I think I’m in better shape than I was back in high school!

All The Way To The Max

There are a lot of scammy “lose weight fast” programs that claim to be able to help you shed a lot of weight with minimal effort in no time flat.  The Insanity Workout is not like that.

So just what is the Insanity Workout and what can it do for me?

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Well, with Insanity you’ll be able to burn a lot of fat in the 60 days of the program and to do this you’re going to be exercising really hard for ABOUT 45 MINUTES, 6 DAYS A WEEK! I know that sounds pretty extreme but trust me its only for 2 months and if you can stick at (don’t worry, there are recovery weeks build into the program!) the results are AMAZING!

I’m sure like me you’re pretty skeptical of some of those before and after photos you often see when workout programs are advertised. However, when it comes to the Insanity before and after pictures, this is the only time I believe that such massive body changes are possible. You definitely have to put in the work to shed those pounds; but the thoughts of losing 30 pounds in 60 days…that for me is a BIG incentive to make sure I keep to my Insanity Workout schedule.

How Does Insanity Workout Work?

My Insanity Workout Review

The core idea behind the Insanity Workout, and the thing that makes it more intense that any other workout, is something called Max Interval Training. You’ve probably heard of regular interval training, in which you do short periods of high intensity training, followed by long breaks.  The Insanity Workout flips this idea on its head: you’re going to be doing 3-minute intervals of the most intense exercise you’re capable of, followed by just 30 seconds of rest.
One of the biggest problems with traditional cardio workouts is that if you’re already in pretty good shape, you’ll end up “running to stand still”, meaning you’re not really getting any additional benefit from the extra effort.

Because Max Interval Training keeps your body pushed to its limits, it can help you gain a physique and overall health far better than other types of workouts.

Too many workout videos have you doing set numbers of reps, which is honestly kind of stupid if you think about it.  Everybody is at a different fitness level, everybody can do a different number of reps.  Whether you’re doing burpees, push ups, jumping jacks, football runs or anything else, the Insanity Workout always has you working at maximum capacity.  Do as many as you can in the allotted time.  This means you are in complete control of how hard you push yourself (although Shaun T certainly offers you PENTLY of encouragement to push yourself harder) and helps you tailor the workout for your own needs. It also means that you can go through the program again for even better results(I’m currently on my second run).

The Man Behind The Insanity

I think it would be hard to write a solid Insanity Workout review without mentioning the guy who invented it, Shaun T.  The first time I saw him, I thought, “I’ll have what hes having!”  If a guy who looks like that without his shirt on is giving fitness advice, I’m listening.

Shaun T was always an active, athletic guy.  When he went to college, though, he didn’t just put on the dreaded “Freshman 15”, he actually gained 50 pounds!  It really affected his outlook on life, and he realized he wanted to help people be as healthy as they could be.  He ended up studying sports science at Rowan University before becoming a fitness trainer.  His career has been pretty distinguished; hes been a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Tyra Banks, and has even been on shows like Six Feet Under.

He’s a real character, too.  His motivation is about as intense as the exercise, which is good, because you’re going to need it.  Just when you think you’re ready to give up, he pushes you to “Dig deeper!” and keep going.

This Is How It Goes

The Insanity Workout comes with 10 DVDs created by Shaun T., and these are the real meat of the program.  Shaun really emphasizes tracking your progress, so the first DVD contains a fitness test that you’ll repeat at different times throughout the program to see where you stand.  An included Insanity Workout Calendar makes this task even easier.

There’s also a Fitness Guide, which is sort of like the Quick Start manual to get you going right away.  It explains everything you need to do, step by step.  Its actually pretty simple, and mostly just involves following the schedule and going through the DVDs and workouts in the right order.  For the most part, you’ll do the first 5 in the first month, and the second 5 in the second month.  The DVDs included are:

1. Dig Deeper and Fit Test This is your introduction to the program and fitness test.
2. Plyometric Cardio Circuit This DVD will get you started doing lower body plyo and cardio exercises.
3. Cardio Power and Resistance Moving to the upper body, this ones is full of strength training power moves that will help bump up your definition and lean muscle tissue.
4. Cardio Recovery/Max Recovery Once a week, you get a small break.  This is less intense, so rest while you can.
5. Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs Just what it sounds like.  You’ll want those abs to look great when the program melts all the fat off your belly.
6. Core Cardio and Balance This is a little break before the second, more intense month starts.
7. Max Interval Circuit and Fit Test This is the real beginning of the second month.  You should be in much better shape than you were a month before starting this, so get ready to really push it to the max here.
8. Max Interval Plyo This is the second level of plyo exercises.  I hope you’re ready.
9. Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs This extreme workout will push you as hard as you’ve ever been pushed.  I wouldn’t even look at this DVD until you’ve worked up to it.  When you’re ready, though, you’ll find you’re capable of things you never imagined.
10. Max Recovery Shaun T. has a great set of stretches to help you recover and get stronger as you train.

You also get an Elite Nutrition Plan to help you eat right while you do the program.  Ill be honest, I didn’t follow it exactly, though I did take a lot of inspiration from it to help eat a bit healthier.  The suggestions are pretty simple, though, and have you eating 5-6 healthy meals a day.  I really think anybody could follow their guidelines.  Its a huge step up from plans that demand you either starve yourself or purchase their expensive meal supplements.

One final thing you get with the Insanity Workout is FREE ONLINE SUPPORT!  This is a pretty big deal.  If you have ever questions, and you’ve bought the program, you have access to real experts who will actually address your concerns.  Why shell out for a personal trainer when the Insanity Workout comes with this?

Worth Every Penny

Worth Every Penny

The Insanity Workout is available for 3 payments of just under $40, plus shipping and handling.  Its less than a gym membership, and you can keep using it indefinitely.  And its completely self contained, you don’t even need to buy any weights or other equipment.  You may want to stock up on sports drinks, though.  Or just lots and lots of water.

If you’re thinking about trying this out, I recommend you get started right away after ordering.  The reason I suggest doing it like this is to take full advantage of their 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  If you actually do the program, I can pretty much guarantee it myself that you will see very serious results in this time, but if you find the system isn’t for you, for whatever reason, you don’t have to buy it.

I’ll sum up my Insanity Workout review with my own results.  I’ve lost, and kept off, more than 20 pounds, including that stubborn band of fat I had around my belly for years.  My endurance and overall fitness is ridiculous, and I cant help feeling very confident in how I look.  The Insanity Workout isn’t for everyone, but for anybody ready to put in the effort, it can do amazing things for you in just 60 days.  If you’re ready to try it out for yourself, the official Insanity Workout website is the only place to get the full product, including online support.

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