My Insanity Workout Review – Tough Work, Crazy Results

I like to think of myself as a relatively fit guy.  I stay active: swimming a couple times a week if I'm lucky, basketball with friends occasionally, sometimes even a good jog.  I've tried a few home workout programs and exercise videos, but for the most part I've been pretty unsatisfied with these.  For the most part it seems like they don't really add much to my overall fitness, as they typically seem intended for people who aren't all that active to begin with.  I have, however, recently found an intense new 60-day exercise program totally unlike anything I've ever tried before, and I've been getting really into it.  So here it is: my Insanity Workout Review and you can also read about the experiences of 150+ other Insanity uses in the comments section below.

This Is Just Nuts!

First of all, I need to stress who this program is for.  This isn't for lazy people, pregnant women, or anybody with joint problems.  If you haven't exercised in years, you should probably look for something a little lighter, as well.  This is also not the program for anybody looking to put on a lot of bulk (though you may be interested in the popular P90x program which is produced by the same company, Beachbody. You can take a look at my Insanity Vs P90x article for the full lowdown on the difference between these two programs).
That said, if you're already in pretty good health, and ready to take your fitness to the next level, the Insanity Workout might be exactly what you've been looking for.  This is a program designed to push you to the limit, and get you very impressive results, very quickly.  Specifically, you're going to BURN FAT, GAIN ENDURANCE, FITNESS, AND CONFIDENCE IN JUST 60 DAYS!
I don't know how else to say this: Shaun T's Insanity Workout will kick your ass!  As far as I know, there has never been a home workout program this intense before.  You're going to have to be ready to bring everything you've got if you want to take on this workout, but trust me, if you stick it out through the whole 60 days, you will look and feel visibly much healthier.  You'll have more stamina than ever, and you'll have an overall more cut, defined appearance.  I think I'm in better shape than I was back in high school!

All The Way To The Max

There are a lot of scammy "lose weight fast" programs that claim to be able to help you shed a lot of weight with minimal effort in no time flat.  The Insanity Workout is not like that. 
So just what is the Insanity Workout and what can it do for me?
Well, with Insanity you'll be able to burn a lot of fat in the 60 days of the program and to do this you're going to be exercising really hard for ABOUT 45 MINUTES, 6 DAYS A WEEK! I know that sounds pretty extreme but trust me – it's only for 2 months and if you can stick at (don't worry, there are recovery weeks build into the program!) the results are AMAZING!
I'm sure like me you're pretty skeptical of some of those before and after photos you often see when workout programs are advertised. However, when it comes to the Insanity before and after pictures, this is the only time I believe that such massive body changes are possible. You definitely have to put in the work to shed those pounds; but the thoughts of losing 30 pounds in 60 days…that for me is a BIG incentive to make sure I keep to my Insanity Workout schedule.

How Does Insanity Workout Work? 

The core idea behind the Insanity Workout, and the thing that makes it more intense that any other workout, is something called Max Interval Training. You've probably heard of regular interval training, in which you do short periods of high intensity training, followed by long breaks.  The Insanity Workout flips this idea on its head: you're going to be doing 3-minute intervals of the most intense exercise you're capable of, followed by just 30 seconds of rest.

One of the biggest problems with traditional cardio workouts is that if you're already in pretty good shape, you'll end up "running to stand still", meaning you're not really getting any additional benefit from the extra effort.  
Because Max Interval Training keeps your body pushed to its limits, it can help you gain a physique and overall health far better than other types of workouts.
Too many workout videos have you doing set numbers of reps, which is honestly kind of stupid if you think about it.  Everybody is at a different fitness level, everybody can do a different number of reps.  Whether you're doing burpees, push ups, jumping jacks, football runs or anything else, the Insanity Workout always has you working at maximum capacity.  Do as many as you can in the allotted time.  This means you are in complete control of how hard you push yourself (although Shaun T certainly offers you PENTLY of encouragement to push yourself harders) and helps you tailor the workout for your own needs. It also means that you can go through the program again for even better results (I'm currently on my second run).

The Man Behind The Insanity

I think it would be hard to write a solid Insanity Workout review without mentioning the guy who invented it, Shaun T.  The first time I saw him, I thought, "I'll have what he's having!"  If a guy who looks like that without his shirt on is giving fitness advice, I'm listening.
Shaun T was always an active, athletic guy.  When he went to college, though, he didn't just put on the dreaded "Freshman 15", he actually gained 50 pounds!  It really affected his outlook on life, and he realized he wanted to help people be as healthy as they could be.  He ended up studying sports science at Rowan University before becoming a fitness trainer.  His career has been pretty distinguished; he's been a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Tyra Banks, and has even been on shows like Six Feet Under.
He's a real character, too.  His motivation is about as intense as the exercise, which is good, because you're going to need it.  Just when you think you're ready to give up, he pushes you to "Dig deeper!" and keep going.

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This Is How It Goes

The Insanity Workout comes with 10 DVDs created by Shaun T., and these are the real meat of the program.  Shaun really emphasizes tracking your progress, so the first DVD contains a fitness test that you'll repeat at different times throughout the program to see where you stand.  An included Insanity Workout Calendar makes this task even easer.
There's also a Fitness Guide, which is sort of like the Quick Start manual to get you going right away.  It explains everything you need to do, step by step.  It's actually pretty simple, and mostly just involves following the schedule and going through the DVDs and workouts in the right order.  For the most part, you'll do the first 5 in the first month, and the second 5 in the second month.  The DVDs included are:
1. Dig Deeper and Fit Test – This is your introduction to the program and fitness test.
2. Plyometric Cardio Circuit – This DVD will get you started doing lower body plyo and cardio exercises.
3. Cardio Power and Resistance – Moving to the upper body, this ones is full of strength training power moves that will help bump up your definition and lean muscle tissue.
4. Cardio Recovery/Max Recovery – Once a week, you get a small break.  This is less intense, so rest while you can.
5. Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs – Just what it sounds like.  You'll want those abs to look great when the program melts all the fat off your belly.

6. Core Cardio and Balance – This is a little break before the second, more intense month starts.
7. Max Interval Circuit and Fit Test – This is the real beginning of the second month.  You should be in much better shape than you were a month before starting this, so get ready to really push it to the max here.
8. Max Interval Plyo – This is the second level of plyo exercises.  I hope you're ready.
9. Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs – This extreme workout will push you as hard as you've ever been pushed.  I wouldn't even look at this DVD until you've worked up to it.  When you're ready, though, you'll find you're capable of things you never imagined.
10. Max Recovery – Shaun T. has a great set of stretches to help you recover and get stronger as you train.
You also get an Elite Nutrition Plan to help you eat right while you do the program.  I'll be honest, I didn't follow it exactly, though I did take a lot of inspiration from it to help eat a bit healthier.  The suggestions are pretty simple, though, and have you eating 5-6 healthy meals a day.  I really think anybody could follow their guidelines.  It's a huge step up from plans that demand you either starve yourself or purchase their expensive meal supplements.
One final thing you get with the Insanity Workout is FREE ONLINE SUPPORT!  This is a pretty big deal.  If you have ever questions, and you've bought the program, you have access to real experts who will actually address your concerns.  Why shell out for a personal trainer when the Insanity Workout comes with this?

Worth Every Penny

The Insanity Workout is available for 3 payments of just under $40, plus shipping and handling.  It's less than a gym membership, and you can keep using it indefinitely.  And it's completely self contained, you don't even need to buy any weights or other equipment.  You may want to stock up on sports drinks, though.  Or just lots and lots of water.
If you're thinking about trying this out, I recommend you get started right away after ordering.  The reason I suggest doing it like this is to take full advantage of their 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  If you actually do the program, I can pretty much guarantee it myself that you will see very serious results in this time, but if you find the system isn't for you, for whatever reason, you don't have to buy it.
I'll sum up my Insanity Workout review with my own results.  I've lost, and kept off, more than 20 pounds, including that stubborn band of fat I had around my belly for years.  My endurance and overall fitness is ridiculous, and I can't help feeling very confident in how I look.  The Insanity Workout isn't for everyone, but for anybody ready to put in the effort, it can do amazing things for you in just 60 days.  If you're ready to try it out for yourself, the official Insanity Workout website is the only place to get the full product, including online support.

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*** 60 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee ***


Hi, I’m Brian & together with my wife Lisa I set up this website to help folks who want to get fit, lean or bulk up but without having to dramatically change your current lifestyle.

Like you, we have busy lives and busy schedules so we’re always on the lookout for whatever can get us in the best shape in the least time and without having to go hit the gym.  Whatever your fitness goals, we hope you find something useful here and make sure to leave a comment in the Facebook Box below :)


  1. avatarDiana says

    Yes, I must recommend this workout to anyone looking to get back in shape after the holidays. You've got to see these top reviews on Amazon, they actually tell you in which order you should go. You should see this: – This is definitely not a fad and will be here for years to come. Can't wait to get my workout out on at the beginning of the new year.

  2. avatarMeg says

    Hello, I am in my late 20's and about 30 lbs overweight. I am out of shape though and I am worried this might be to hard for me. I do have the want and need to get active and fit.


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Hey, Meg! Well, to be entirely honest, want and need are some of the most important things for getting through the Insanity Workout. Most people find the biggest problem is motivation, so my advice is to keep yourself motivated by monitoring your progress closely to see exactly how much weight you’re losing and how well you’re improving at the exercises.

      And I won’t lie: it is very hard. But it’s designed so you work at your own pace, so it’s perfectly okay to start off really slowly. You’ll find your energy level and ability to do the exercises increases more rapidly than you thought! Good luck, Meg! :)

  3. avatarStephen says

    Ok here is what happen with me. I have always been very athletic but the last fews years I have become lazy when it comes to exercise. My wife bought this and started it two months ago. She had been trying to get me to do it with her. I told her she was nuts and that I would never start it.

    Well a month ago we had field day at the school I work at. The game I was in charge of was flag tag. I had to play with one group two times. The first game only lasted one minute. But before that one minute was up, I thought I was going to die. I couldn't believe I had allowed myself to get to that point. The worst shape I have ever been in in my 30 years.

    So the next day, I told my wife I would try it out. I didn't get through the first wave of warm ups before I was lying on the ground about to throw up. Now 1 month later, after doing it 4-5 times a week, I can not only make it through the warm-ups, but I am able to make it through the whole video. (I do have to break for a moment of certain exercises but I get right back to it)

    I had my doubts but this will really get you into shape. Although I don't think you will end up being as big and cut like the guys without adding some other type of weight training to it.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Hi, Stephen! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us- this is exactly the reason we started this site in the first place!
      As far as getting big, you’re right, bulking up does require adding more weight training. However, I’ll think as you continue along you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how toned and cut you’re able to get just with Shaun T’s insane cardio.

      Thanks again and keep us updated! :)


  4. avatarWilliam Monaco says

    My dad actually recommended this to me. He’s a middle aged man but he’s been getting into pretty damn good shape with Insanity. I just started but I can already see how it worked so well for him – it’s tough!! In a good way!!


  5. avatarPreeti Sampath says

    I am on Day 3 today and exhausted as hell! The 2nd day really killed me because I wasent used to sooooo much cardio but day 3 was easier cos i was mentally ready for it! I have lost a good amount of weight in the last few years just my working out regulary and I am vegetarian so i eat healthy all the time! I am wondering if not following the nutrition plan (cos its so meaty) would effect my weight loss?? I dont eat cheese, or anything fattening! I love my rice though and its hard for to me feel full if i dont have rice. Do you think that will effect my weight loss?

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Glad to hear it’s kicking your ass and building you back up again :) I love that feeling!

      As far as diet goes, many people find they don’t really need to adjust their eating habits, though everybody is different. Vegetarian diets are very often healthier than “normal” diets, so I’d say just stick to your normal diet and adjust it if you’re not seeing the results you want. (And I totally feel you on rice. I tried switching to brown rice, because it’s supposed to be healthier, but it’s just not the same!)

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      No, that doesn’t sound normal, honestly. Have you adjusted your diet since you started? (Remember- I’m not a doctor, just a fitness guy on the internet, so if you have serious medical concerns, call somebody qualified to give you real, solid answers!)


  6. avatarMcClure says

    I’m a 43 year old man. I thought my days of being relatively fit were long past me. Color me surprised when I found Insanity, though! Actually I had to do it for a few weeks before I realized how special it was, but let me tell you, if I can do it, anybody can!!!  

  7. avatarRobert Feldt says

    i really think this workout is unlike anything that’s come out in… forever? lol! i love it. i use the calendar, but i actually keep it taped up in the closet because i think it looks a little silly in contrast with the rest of my decor 😛  

  8. avatarKerr says

    i actually had to stop doing insanity because of an injury i got recently (not from working out lol!) and i have to tell you, i’m fiending for the rush insanity gives me! i don’t know about anyone else but i got hooked on that endorphin rush. AMAZING workout! can’t wait to get back to it!


  9. avatarHuber says

    ok i admit i don’t usually follow the schedule cuz im really busy but i do try to do at least a couple of the workouts a week. if you do that even you will see real results i can go a lot longer and im faster more energy ect ect


  10. avatarSteven Pruitt says

    So here’s my story- I did Insanity while my wife was out of the country for a few months on business. I didn’t tell her what I was doing. I will NEVER forget the look on her face when I picked her up at the airport :) She was really proud and a little startled by how much weight I lost :) Thanks a lot!


  11. avatarMichele says

    Idunno honestly i did it for a couple weeks it really wore me out but i dont think i really lost any wait so idunno


  12. avatarMichelle says

    Not looking to loose a lot of weight, I'm about 5'3, 125 lbs, I run about 3 times a week, I want to be leaner, have flatter abs, more defined arms, also better endurance for running performance. I'm interested in Insanity but wondering if it's the right program for me.

    Thank You.

  13. avatarWilliam Snipes says

    i’m worried i won’t have the motivation to get through the whole thing? where do you get it?/


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Take pictures of your body at the start and at different stages of the program and keep an eye on your scale to track your weight loss. That’s advice I give for ANY program, but keep in mind that Shaun T. has been doing this for YEARS, and he’s really great at keeping you pumped up and ready for even more. Good luck!! 😀


  14. avatarSebastian says

    Your review is very motivational, but since you have accomplished it, I have a question about the t-shirt…. are you able to recieve it even if the photos aren't in a plain area, the photos aren't exactly the way they showed, and whether or not you tooken the photos on day 30?

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      If you go to the main Insanity Workout site, you can find the link that says “FREE Insanity Shirt”. Click the link, and then download the PDF form and it will give you all the information you need to score your free shirt. :)

  15. avatarMcCreight says

    Just got mine :) Shipping was crazy fast because I got a free shipping upgrade. Just did the Fit Test and Dig Deeper – looks like I got my work cut out for me!!! LOL!! Can’t wait to really get into it!  

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      With the Insanity Workout, you’ll actually be doing both at the same time! Shaun T has it all planned out, so you don’t even have to worry about that!


  16. avatarChasing says

    it’s a good workout the only thing i would change is the soundtrack – it’s almost a deal killer for me but it does help you keep a good pace so i guess its not so bad could be better

  17. avatarMerci says

    Well my plan was just to do the workouts and just stick to my normal diet, but I found myself getting too tired. It really takes a lot out of you! My advice to people trying it is to use the nutrition plan! It’s not just a gimmick lol!

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      I’d say start as soon as your schedule permits it! That way you can start seeing results ASAP, and make the best use of the 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied!


  18. avatarGiglio says

    The Max Interval Plyo practically killed me hahaha no really it made me really realize how much I was neglecting my legs when I’d just hit the gym with no direction or anything. Great workout! Helps pretty much the whole body!


  19. avatarBEZ says

    Great review! I’ve had a very similar experience except I “only” lost 14 pounds! My stamina is way way up, though, I took a jog the other day just to see what I was capable of and I felt like I could go forever almost LOL! Big difference from before! Gonna probably do Insanity again in a month or so!


  20. avatarcrimson says

    i wanted to do p90x but i didn’t really have enuff money for all teh equipment so i gave this a shot…. it is actually really good it helps build muscles more than they say and its great u don’t need a bunch of weights and stuff


  21. avatarRoy C says

    My treadmill is sad because I spend all my exercise time with Shaun T now! Sorry, treadmill, Insanity is just a much better cardio workout!


  22. avatarnick says

    i finished first month. following elite nutrition plan. not even a pound lost!!!!:((( few inches lost, though. 

  23. avatarpiedrra says

    im wondering if it’s really realtistic for me to try this…. im out of shape… very LOL! havent really been active since gym class back in high school…. im a stay at home mom wanting to get in better shape…


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Shaun T will have you working at your own maximum pace, so you can start slow and work your way up to more intense exercise. I’d say give it a shot! It comes with a money-back guarantee, so you don’t really have anything to lose except that extra weight you’re tired of!


  24. avatare sanchez says

    I have some friends who have done P90x and thought it was really good, but it didn’t seem like it appealed to me. This looks like it’s right up my alley but I don’t know anyone who has done it. Would you say it’s as good as P90x?


  25. avatarcarolina says

    will i get good results if i only try pure cardi, insane abs and plyometric cardio circuit? im too busy and i get home tired ;(

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Hi Carolina! I certainly feel you on getting home tired – I think it’s something basically everyone struggles with nowadays. That said, while you won’t get the BEST results just pulling out your favorite DVDs from time to time, you can get GOOD results as long as you do them with some regularity (I’d recommend at least a couple times a week if you can manage it). Remember – getting fit isn’t a zero sum game, you’ll get back whatever you put into it! Good luck!


  26. avatarAlison S says

    Twenty-five year old female grad student here. I was in OK shape, I haven’t really been very active since high school. A friend recommended Insanity and I tried doing a couple workouts with her. Turned out to be kind of a mistake because she’s been doing it a while LOL but I’ve started out fresh from the beginning and I’m already seeing results!  

  27. avatarMarinia says

    My daughter was doing this and she lost a pretty significant amount of weight, over 20 pounds, so I decided to give it a shot. So far it’s kicking my ass LOL but I’ve lost a few pounds so far and I like the way it’s heading. 

  28. avatarHilton says

    I lost about 7 pounds but I’m only a month in so I think this is great. It seems like its getting harder but I’m going to try to stick it out and see what happens! Wish me luck!


  29. avatarjamaica says

    It really helps build and tone muscle more than people realize I think. Well some if it is it gets rid of the fat on top so everything is more visible but it also really helps a lot to get you toned up. Highly recommended!


  30. avatarLili says

    Hi brian,

    i am on week 3 and loving it! i am only down 2 lbs witch is kinda demotivating but i am going to keep pushing play! i just have a question. i am a cabin attendant so i cant really follow the nutrionplan however i try and eat as clean and healthy i can. insanity says i should eat 2050 calories if i want to lose weight now i have lost some but i feel like it should be more or is this just regular weight loss results?

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Hi Lili – the 2050 figure is just a guideline, as absolutely everybody has a different body and different caloric needs. Try lowering your caloric intake and see if you lose more weight! Insanity is a very demanding workout, and it requires fuel, so you need to make sure you achieve balance – if you’re not getting enough calories, you’ll start feeling very fatigued and hurting in bad ways, so lower it a little at a time. Good luck!!

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Hi Lili – the 2050 figure is just a guideline, as absolutely everybody has a different body and different caloric needs. Try lowering your caloric intake and see if you lose more weight! Insanity is a very demanding workout, and it requires fuel, so you need to make sure you achieve balance – if you’re not getting enough calories, you’ll start feeling very fatigued and hurting in bad ways, so lower it a little at a time. Good luck!!


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      You can do that, and a lot of people prefer to do it that way, but the absolute most efficient way to get the full benefits of the program is to do them according to the Insanity Workout calendar they’ll give you.


  31. avatarPhemand says

    I work at a desk all day, and I’ve been having minor back problems for years. My doctor recommended getting more exercise because he said it was mainly my sedentary lifestyle that was doing it. Well, instead of immediately hitting the couch after work I’ve been doing Insanity. I’m a month and a half in and my back pains have pretty much dissapeared on top of the other health benefits 😀


  32. avatarmildred p says

    I’m a woman in my 40s and at first I thought it was a little too much for me, but as I progressed I realized Insanity was exactly what I was looking for! If you’re looking for something to improve your cardio health I can’t think of anything better! :)


  33. avatarBradster says

    Amazing. Not much else I can say. Shaun T is a miracle worker, seriously. Had personal trainers before, they can’t even compare! I don’t even know how that’s possible but I’m happy!!!


  34. avatarTony Mata says

    i’m a skinny 16 year old and tried insanity for the first time ever yesterday, i want to gain abs and muscle, but it sounds so far that all you do is just lose weight and get toned? is this good for me?

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Insanity does help gain visible abs and help build lean muscle, so you can probably reach your goals with the system. If you’re skinny, you’ve probably got a pretty good metabolism, so my advice is to EAT A LOT! If you’re exercising well and eating plenty, that food will turn into the muscle you’re looking for, instead of just converting directly to fat. Alternately, you can check out my review for P90X, which is a little bit more oriented towards strength and muscle building, and a little lighter on the fat-burning.

  35. avatarjennesa says

    i’m a 22 year old female, i started doing insanity about a year ago. the first time i didn’t finish but lost a few pounds, been getting steadily better, lost about 19 pounds altogether now and i feel like it really helps me keep in better overall shape.


  36. avatarAda T says

    I dropped 4 inches off my waistline, needed to go buy a whole lots of new pants :) If that’s not good enough for you I don’t know what is :)


  37. avatargustle says

    I love the max interval circuit! Don’t skip right to it, though, unless you’re in crazy good shape… but it feels so amazing to be able to complete that one… never would have imagined I was capable of this before. I love it!


  38. avatarJorge says

    so i’m actually not really looking to lose a lot of weight, mostly just gain muscle. should i do this? i was thinking this or P90x honestly.        

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      I guess it depends on what kind of muscle you’re looking to gain, because Insanity is great for building lean muscle, but P90x may be more along the lines of what you’re looking for.


  39. avatarchantum says

    Ok, the first workout I did, when I got to that “throw yourself on the floor and then get back up really quickly” exercise, I thought, “OMG I’m going to DIE!” hahaha! i had to really fake it for a while…. but the amazing thing is, even faking it helped me get in better shape. i can do all the exercises now 😀

  40. avatarTarabelle says

    This is a great workout for anyone who is low on a.) time and b.) space. In my tiny apartment, I used this to lose more than 15 pounds so far. So cool!


  41. avatarkaren says

    Hey i im 21 years with a 4 month old im 5’3 and the morning i started insanity i weighed in at 156. I weighed myself the following monday morning and went down to 148. Thats 8lbs! Im so proud. I still have a long way to my goal, my pre pregnancy weight which is 125 but if i keep goin at this rate i’l be there in no time. I eat 5 times aday and consume around 1500 to 1700 calories a day. The guide says i should be eatin 2000 but i feel fine. Better than ever! Thanks shaun T!

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Insanity Workout really is the best of its kind, IMHO, but you can check out our page of free workouts if you’re looking for something that won’t cost you a dime!

  42. avatarChris P says

    I am a 19 year old college workout fanatic and I have to say I LOVE Insanity. I work out my normal workouts in the morning and do my cardio through Insanity at night and I love it I have seen such great results in the first month. Doing both can be alot if your not really into working out but I wake up in the morning and look forward to doing Insanity throughout the day. Its not for those who are going to only workout here and there, but if your dedicated your fat will melt off. Got my body fat down underneath 8%. Go Shaun T!

    • avatar says

      @ Prince: Did you do any cardio before, if so what? I am curious to see the results between people that have been running for cardio before and turned to Insanity (or other similar workouts). What is the major difference in your oppinion? Thanks

      • avatarprince says

        I’ve done some cardio like jogging around the block and I was on a little treadmill kick for a while… I think the big difference with Insanity is that I feel like the exercise really presses you in a way that is very difficult if your just trying to work it on your own. with running I always felt like there was a cut off point where it would stop working and I’d just hold steady but with Insanity I don’t feel like there is the same kind of cut off point.

  43. avatarprince says

    Been jogging around the block every couple days or so and I thought I reached the maximum I could with cardio LOL was I wrong! If you’re looking for REALLY REALLY SERIOUS cardio, Shaun T has what you’re looking for. I sweat like a pig with this, but it feels good and the results are great – i finally got rid of this belly fat I couldn’t touch with the jogging, so overall great

  44. avatarliah says

    ok so here’s my problem, i’ve been going to the gym for a few months and it was working pretty well for a while but now it seems like im not even losing any more weight! is insanity workout going to help me get past this or am i just stuck???

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Shaun T. has literally years of experience doing personal training, and he knows what works and what doesn’t. He’ll have you doing the right exercises at the right pace to help you lose the weight you want to lose!

  45. avatarcandz p says

    I thought the before/after pictures were pretty much BS so I’m pretty shocked now to look at my own before/after pics :) my advice is you really need to take photos to see the difference… even partway through it was really encouraging to see my progress

  46. avatarhealthfreak01 says

    I was under the impression this is mainly cardio without much muscle stuff like P90x but my muscles look really awesome after doing this…. I even have abs now, i can’t believe it! Lost about 17 or 18 pounds, going to try again.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      With Insanity Workout, you’re always working at whatever your maximum capacity is, so the more you do it, the better you’ll get, and the more results you’ll see. You don’t “run to a standstill” or reach a plateau with this program!

  47. avatarPaulyy says

    I came to this from P90X so I thought it would be a breeze… LOL! Shaun T whupped my ass but in a good way! Great cardio, I feel like since it helped me get rid of the layer of fat my P90X muscles look even better!

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Yes, it helps build toned, lean muscle and burn away the fat on top, making it more visible. If you’re looking for something more muscle-building-oriented, though, check out my P90x review on this site.


  48. avatarRick says

    Hi, im a 19 years old male. i'm in week 4 of insanity now. i'm so curious about whats to come, when do i see the best results (what weeks?). i'm also curious about could i hang in there when the MAX trainings are coming? im about 5.9 feet and my lbs is 187 (if this is correct, 180cm and 85kg). im just wondering, my abs are popping out now slowly.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Hey Rick! Glad to hear you’re going strong with Insanity! Don’t worry too much about the MAX stuff, you sound motivated enough to handle it, remember that it’s YOUR max capacity you’ll be working with. As for the best results, because of the way Insanity is structured, you’re ALWAYS going to be seeing better and better results. You’ll look and feel better than you do now by the time it’s over, and if you end up doing the program again, the results will only get better!

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      You’ll always get a great price, full guarantee and full product at the official website. I don’t recommend getting it anywhere else.


  49. avatarArnould says

    I did Insanity… my advice to anyone is to take pictures of yourself at the beginning and then every week or so… I started a month into the program when it was REALLY clear I was making good progress, whish i had older pics to compare to now! Lost 15 pounds but I’m a lot stronger and more toned.

  50. avatarryan3524 says

    Hello Brian And Lisa I Am 17 And Have Been Doing Insanity Workout For One Month So Far…. I Lost 8.5 Pounds And Can’t Wait To See How Well I Do At The End!!!


  51. avatarKelly B says

    Hi is it okay for a teenager to do Insanity?  I am 16 years old and I really want to lose weight this sounds really good!  Help!


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      It will probably be alright for you to do Insanity, though it’s really hard for me to say because I know so little about you.  If in doubt, ask your gym or health teacher or your doctor.


  52. avatarvernell says

    I’ve been kind of shocked by how well Insanity works… it’s designed really really well. I need to get a heart rate thing so I can monitor it and try to calculate how many calories I’m actually burning… it’s got to be super high!


  53. avatarAnthony Doyle says

    I'm a 21 year old male. Not in the best shape but lost about  100 pounds since I graduatedd high school three years ago. I work a very physically demanding job and have started gain weight (not muscle weight) and wanted to start trying this. Again, I'm in rather bad shape and hate going to the gym and being around other people. Makes me nervous and I'm still consicous about my weight even after all that I've done. Would it be alright to just jump into this or to try something else till I'm in better shape?

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      congratulations on losing 100 pounds since high school! Very few people can make similar claims, and it means you’re definitely on the right track! Now, Insanity IS a very demanding workout, but the main obstacle is going to be motivation, which it sounds like you have. Ease yourself into the program, and if you find you need to take longer breaks than the program typically allows for, don’t worry – every little step counts! Take it at your own pace and go into it WANTING to lose weight and you absolutely will! Good luck!

  54. avatarbogoboy says

    I had a gym membership for a year, I BARELY used it but i had to sign up for a year to get the “discount” LOL! Anyway Insanity did me a whole lot better than the gym ever did. it really is like having a personal trainer!! lost 14 pounds, about to do it again!!


  55. avatarAlex says

    Okay I tried it and it was just too damn hard… I think its mainly for fitness buffs not for “normal” people like you say.


  56. avatarrebecca jones says

    Hi, I’m at 28 year old female, 5’7” 172 pounds.  What should I do to work up to Insanity Workout?  I am ready to get into shape but I’m worried I won’t be able to cut it.


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Have no fear, the first DVD, Dig Deeper & Fit Test, will help you gauge where you are physically.  Based on your height and weight, your BMI should be lower than some friends of mine who were able to jump right in.  If you’re really ready to get into shape, Shaun T is ready to help! :)


  57. avatarstephen posey says

    Thank you so much Brian and Shaun T!!! I’m in better shape than I have been in yeeeaaaars all thanks to you! Wasn’t so sure about it until I read your review.

  58. avatarSonny says

    I like to jog a mile or two every day, would it be too much exercise to add Insanity to my routine?  I am a 36 year old male in good shape.


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      It’s hard for me to answer without knowing very much about you.  If you’re in really good shape, it might be alright, but if you start feeling really worn out, you need to slow down!  Keep in mind that your body needs time to rest and rebuild after you work out.  Working too hard without rest is detrimental to your health!


  59. avatarcharlo m says

    I did P90x before and I actually like this one more, but it might be because i’m more cardio oriented like t his program. I opted for the deluxe with the upper body workout, too and its actually a really nice compliment to the pogram. thanks for posting about the program and that dvd specifically, i couldn’t find much info elsewhere…


  60. avatarlindey says

    hi i’m 26, f, from rhode island. i was worried i wouldn’t have the motivation to make it through but shaun t is really great and likeable and keeps you going! i’m almost through my first run lost about 16 pounds, planning on doing it again!!

  61. avatarNatacha says


    I am 32 years old and weight 123 lbs at 5 feet 2 inches. I go 4 times a week to the gym (lifting weights). Should I put this aside while I do the Insanity Program? I am affraid that both at the same time will be too much. Thanks.


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Hi Natacha,

      You have good reason to be concerned, because Insanity is really intense and your body will need time to regenerate. They are different types of exercise, though, and if you’ve been lifting regularly you’re probably already in decent shape, so it might be alright. I think the best advice I can give is if you want to try it to just listen to what your body tells you; you should be able to tell when you’re overworking yourself. Good luck :)

  62. avatarJR F. says

    My favorite thing about the Insanity Workout is how easy it is to fit into my schedule but it actually WORKS. I tried daily jogging and some other workout DVDs but they seem to work very minimally and then stop, but its easy to find around 45 minutes a day for a couple months for Insanity and you lose weight through the wholet hing. Thanks!


  63. avatarROCKY says

    Hey, guys, I’m a man, 6’1”, a little over 200 pounds, but I used to weigh about 25 pounds more!  I’m on my second run of Insanity and this is an amazing workout. I have much better energy levels, too. It’s easier the second time around but I’m still losing weight! Thanks!


  64. avatarmarvelaa says

    hello everyone. I just wanted to encourage you all that if you start the insanity workout. DONT GIVE UP. when i did the fit test i was 245 pounds. I had to keep starting over because the fit test was so hard. but i didnt give up. the next 60 days are a killer but its worth it. I went from 245 pounds to 170. i didnt take any diet supplements. I did diet the entire 60 days all i ate was fruits and veggies and AAALOTTTT of water. My goal is to reach 150 pounds so I am starting over on 01/13/13. GOOD LUCK. 

  65. avatardinwiddie says

    I got this because it was from P90X and I thought maybe it was the same but without weights but no. You WILL NOT build big muscles with this, I’ll tell you that. I guess it’s good if you want cardio.  

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      This really boils down to whatever your goals are.  Want to burn a bunch of fat first?  Do Insanity.  Want to burn a little less fat, but build more muscle first?  Do P90x.  The results stack on top of each other, so in the end, it doesn’t really matter which you choose.  And remember: it’s not like you can only do one each time.  I’ve done each several times, and it just gets better and better :)

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Even though it’s certainly effective to just do whichever Insanity DVDs you want, whenever you want, the ideal schedule is the official Insanity Workout schedule.

  66. avatarmarlon says

    I did P90x before I did this and I feel like it sort of prepared me, but it still had me sweating and breathing hard. AND it helped me lose a lot of weight that P90x didn’t seem able to do (specifically my “spare tire”, which is all but gone now!)

  67. avatarkelvin cou says

    Oh so a guy who played sports all through school can do this big deal! Post something for the rest of us who werent blessed with athlete genes!

  68. avatarStan says

    Hi, I'm 63 and have been doing the program a little over a month.  However at my age, I'm repeating the first month a few times as necessary till I feel I'm ready to do the Max training.  I am favourably impressed with the whole program.  

  69. avatarmark mosley says

    Brian, I just wanted to post to say thank you, from me AND my wife.  And to everyone else: listen to this guy!

  70. avatarDavid says

    Hello. I’m a man in my later 30s and this has really worked for me. I have gone through Insanity twice so far and I swear, my body looks better than when I was a teenager, it is amazing. I didn’t have any idea what I was capable of. Shaun T and Insanity Workout are the REAL deal!

  71. avatarDarren P says

    Hi Brian.  I am probably 3 stone overweight and not exercised for prolonged periods of time for a while.  Is this program too much to start with?  

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Hi Darren,
      I can’t tell you it will be easy, but if you’re motivated you can definitely get started losing a lot of weight with Insanity. Start kind of slow, don’t overdo it, but push yourself! Keep a record of how much weight you’re losing, too, it’s a great motivator for keeping you moving forward. Good luck :)

  72. avatarmr. biceps says

    I don’t actually follow the schedule, I work some of the workouts into my normal fitness routine, which does include hitting the gym and I also play basketball a few times a week. I will say that Shaun T is better than the personal trainers I’ve had at the gym where I go, and the workouts are very effective for burning fat and building endurance.


  73. avatarjulius says

    Hi I keep careful track of my calories I take in and what I burn and I was wondering how many calories does Insanity relaly burn?


  74. avatarLeslie says

    hi i’ve been looking for something like this FOREVER literrally! i agree its very hard but will work if you are determined with your motivation. thank you!


  75. avatarcolin s. says

    hi iam a 53 yr old male 200lbs 5.11 in hight  done weights on and off for yrs but just finished full yr of weights. done very very little cardio. havent checked out my resting heart rate yet but would like to know how high i have to push it for max  bennefit. just got my insanity pack through door, any tips to keep me alive through this( insanity ,ha ha.) ps before this last yr done very little exercise for yrs.  cheers in advance for any tips.  colin.s.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Hi Colin,
      the target heart rate for your age range is around 100-130 BPM. That will keep you sweating and losing pounds, but shouldn’t put you in the danger zone. Regardless of the cardio element, your year of lifting weights should actually put you ahead of most guys your age who don’t exercise. Good luck :)

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      What are you waiting for? It’s almost always a good time to get into better shape!  Typically I recommend people start as soon as they receive the product, so they can take full advantage of the 60-day money-back guarantee.


  76. avatarnelson says

    I agree this works really well with Shakeology. I did the regular Shakeology diet with 3x/week exercise and lost some good weight but if you combine with Insanity Workout, I’m losing 3-5 pounds PER WEEK.


  77. avatarkylie s says

    I followed your advice and it’s actually working! I used to do a spin class at the gym but this actually works better! You do need to eat right I think but I mostly follow the eating guide you get, not exactly I still love all kinds of “bad” food but I’m making real progress. I’m female, 34 and a mom.


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Insanity might actually be perfect for him.  This workout focuses less on bulk and strength training and more on building the kind of lean muscle an athlete like your son depends on!


  78. avatarFrancis P says

    when i started i weighed almost 250 pounds. i am m 24 5’10” btw. im now down to 232. i have a long way to go but this is the first thing that works for me. it is hard work but i recommend it.


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Try again, it only gets easier!  But if you don’t think it will be possible, don’t worry: you’ve got 60 days to get all your money back.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Ah, something for nothing, we all want that, don’t we?  Unfortunately, if you try to pirate a copy of this workout, you’re not going to get the full product and will likely miss out on some of the most important parts.

      Think of it like this: how much is your health worth?  Insanity Workout costs next to nothing when you put it up against doctor visits, gym memberships, exercise gear and other weight loss products.  Oh, and once you get it, you can use it forever.  It’s a one-time entry fee.

  79. avatardiether p says

    Hello Brian and Lisa, I am very interested in Insanity Workout because I’m on the road a lot and it seems like a good workout that I can do away from home without carrying a ton of equipment with me.  However, I have a hectic schedule, and I’m not sure I can always do 6 days a week.  Will it throw everything off if I miss a day here and there?

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Like I always say, you give it what you’ve got when you’ve got it.  You’ll definitely lose weight and get into better shape even if you do miss a day here and there 😉

  80. avatarjingle says

    This really IS the best fat-burning workout out there as far as I can tell. I’ve done a lot of them and they always seem to have a cut off point. Insanity seems like it will keep melting fat as long as I keep doing it.

  81. avatarally says

    I did this and lost 12 pounds but I had to stop before it was over because of personal issues, very much looking forward to getting back into it.

  82. avatarmaybellin says

    I ordered this and I’m getting ready to start but I was wondering when is the best time of day to do it?  I’m a college student and want to get the best results.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      It’s honestly a matter of personal preference, and you may need to experiment.  Some people do it in the morning, but other people find it tires them out too much (as you get into better shape, it may actually begin to energize you, though).  See where it fits into your schedule the best.

  83. avatarJustin says

    I’m in my early 40s and haven’t been that active, just working a desk job for years.  I want to say to everyone just starting out: keep going! I know it’s really, really hard at first, I wanted to give up, but if you can keep going you just get better and better. It actually gets easier, like if I go back I can do so much more now. AND I look and feel great. Thank you!

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      The absolute best diet for Insanity, IMHO, is to follow the Insanity Nutrition Guide as well as to have a Shakeology shake every day.  I credit this combination of diet and exercise with helping me lose over 20 pounds in a couple months.

  84. avatarveemo says

    I’ve been doing the before and after pictures, and if you look at when I started and where I am now I almost look like I could be a different person. I look A LOT younger it’s crazy as hell. They say you don’t really build muscle with INsanity vs something like P90x but I’ll tell you I look a lot more muscular now.

  85. avatarfelisa hart says

    im a 22 year old female… been doing this a month and half now… not to my goal yet but i lost almost 10 pounds… i thought it would go quicker but this is really good…

  86. avatarTim J says

    I’m a 35 year old male and I have not really exercised very much in, well, in a long time.  What do I need to do to prepare for Insanity Workout?

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Shaun T will have you working at whatever your own maximum capacity is.  You don’t need to worry about keeping up with the fitness buffs you’ll see alongside him in the videos, you’ll keep your own pace as he guides you into fitness.  There isn’t really any extra preparation you need to do, though if you’re looking to jumpstart your weight loss, you can consider a Shakeology cleanse.

  87. avatarit's me bobby d says

    I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to Brian and Lisa and also to Shaun T and Beachbody.  This is one product that actually lives up to all the hype!  My wife was SURE I had to be taking some kind of crazy supplements or diet pills or steroids or some crap, but no, I just look awesome because of this. Slimmed way down, dropped about 16 pounds so far and I have a lot more energy and better looking muscles, stronger.

  88. avatarPatrick says

    At first I didn’t believe all the hype because I saw in on commercials and it’s hard to believe, you know? Well I tried it and no joke, I thought I was going to return it or give it away to my health fanatic friend but then I got started and I already lost a couple pounds in a week. So I kept going and ended up losing more and more. Better muscle tone too.

  89. avatarKeila says

    I don’t really believe this. It’s probably just to sell the workout. I have a friend who tried it but they just make it so hard you want to give up so only like a real fitness freak can do it.

  90. avatarhomer b says

    i tried it once and i guess i wasn’t eating right because i could barely get through a workout and the next day i felt almost dead! but i changed up my diet so its more like the plan… you really do need to eat a lot with this and you still lose weight but you have energy! very good!

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      The included Insanity Workout Nutrition Guide actually has you eating 5-6 little healthy meals every day.  This isn’t a starvation diet!  On the contrary, you’ll be working hard and your body may well need even more fuel than you normally consume!

  91. avatarandrea lois says

    Thank you so much for the advice! I started doing Insanity and also adding Shakeology to my diet and I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds. I had to buy a new belt but really I should probably go buy all new clothes!

  92. avatarMeeko says

    I tried a lot of other workout DVDs and they were pretty much all a joke.  I think part of it is its hard to put a real workout thing on just 1 DVD but also I do believe Shaun T knows what hes talking about. You can tell he has experience training lots of people. I was about 2 pounds shy of my weight goal when I finished, but Im starting again in about a week.

  93. avatarLando says

    If my calculations are right, I’m burning a little over 700 calories per workout with this.  Unbelievable.  I have no reason to doubt these numbers, though, because the pounds are dropping off on the scale, too.

  94. avatarShermain P says

    I’m a mom in my early 30s and I honestly didn’t think I’d ever be able to get rid of the weight I lost during pregnancy. I lost a lot by jogging with and without a baby stroller, but I always ended up “hitting the wall” like you say and not getting any more results. Well, Insanity is A LOT harder than jogging, like I was pouring sweat and getting pretty worn out but I’m actually almost down to my weight from my mid 20s. I can barely believe it! Thank you Brian and Lisa!

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      I know a lot of bulk-building workouts pretty much require a bigass protein shake afterwards to build up those muscles, but Insanity is more cardio/fat-burning oriented, so you don’t really need one of those, nor should you need a recovery shake if you’re eating right (that nutrition guide isn’t just filler material, folks).

      If you find you’re feeling really exhausted afterwards, you may not be getting enough nutrients. Check out my write-up on Shakeology if you feel you really need a nutrition shake to supplement with.

  95. avatararthur says

    i’m in high school my older brother did insanity before and he left it at my house when he went to college so i have been doing it… i really did lose so much weight i cant believe it you can even tell by looking at my face everyone says i look alot better!!!!

  96. avatargeena says

    I’ve been doing Insanity Workout and I’m very happy with my results so far but I’m almost at the end!  What happens afterwards?  Will I just gain the weight back that I lost?

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Getting into shape and staying there isn’t something you do one time and then you’re set.  You need to stay active and eat right or you’ll eventually end up back where you started.  That said, much of the focus of Insanity is on lasting gains, so you’ll be better off afterwards then you would with most workout regimens or (ugh!) fad diets!

      My advice? Take a break, and then do it again! You’ll get into even better shape.

  97. avatarSean G. says

    Hi, Brian, I’m in my mid-50s and I’ve been fairly active but always mainted the same level of paunch.  You were right about Insanity, though! It’s hard work, very hard work, but I was determined and I finished up with a hair less than 15 pounds lost! I’m considering P90x soon but I will probably do Insanity again.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Yoga mats, my friend!  Check your local fitness store and try to find some nice thick ones.  If you find the impact is still too high and you don’t have access to another location to do it, you can always get a full refund from Beachbody.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      That’s actually a tough order, but maybe not impossible if you’re ready to give it your all.  Try doing a Shakeology cleanse first, which can help you drop 4-7 pounds in 3 days before you even start.

  98. avatarCarlo says

    I lost more than 10 pounds when I did it, and I didn’t even really follow the nutrition guide. I’m planning on doing it again but really following the guidelines even more.  I’ve almost met my weight loss goals, actually, but Shaun T has me really believing in myself and what I’m atually capable of, so I’m going to get into even better shape!

  99. avatarEmilia Yusupova says

    You have me convinced and I’m ready to try NOW! How long does it take to get? I want to jump in like yesterday maybe I’ll get it in the store…

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Don’t worry, Beachbody’s shipping department is on top of this.  If you order today, you should receive it within a few days.

  100. avatarrandom guy says

    Hi Brian I am really intersted in Insanity Workout but I’m worried my floors are too hard to be jumping around and working out on? What can I do?

  101. avatarBarry Clayton says


    When I first started I was in pretty lousy shape so I had to modify a bunch of the exercises… for example I did pushups on my knees instead of the real way… halfway through I was doing much much better… so I started again from the start and can do the exercises better now I’m really cooking with fire!  I actually past the goal I set to start… 2 inches off my waste I lost 3 so far!


  102. avatarAnother Brian! says

    I can’t believe I used to spend so much on a gym membership. This works sooo much better its almost unbeliable like I have my own presonal trainer! It helps a lot to have the right direction instead of hitting the gym doing whatever, Shaun T knows exactly what people should do. My wife is going to try it with me soon.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      I used to recommend that everybody take a daily multi-vitamin, regardless of whether or not they’re doing Insanity, but I now recommend Shakeology which has the vitamins you need, but is easier for your body to actually use.

  103. avatarmishka says

    I only lost 4 pounds so far but i admit im not trying as hard as i could I guess but it seems like it will really work. Im going to keep doing it I still have some time to get the money back guarantee but I dont think i need to

  104. avatarJeff says

    Can I do P90x and Insanity at the same time?  I’m 25 and in pretty good shape and I’ve started doing P90x, I was thinking the last 60 days I can also work Insanity into it.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Whoa, slow down a minute!  What’s the rush?

      If you’re motivated, I absolutely recommend doing both (I sure do), but not at the same time.  Do one, then do the other.  You can keep going back, and each program will give you increasing gains each time.

      When you exercise intensely, you actually break down your muscles, and then you need time to rest so that they come back stronger than before.  If you do both programs at once, you’re going to wear your body out by not giving it a chance to rebuild.  Besides, I bet you’ll find either system progressively kicks your ass more as your get to the more intense workouts.

  105. avatarHayli says

    Is insanity right for me? I've been lookin at it for months now and I really want to try it. I'm 15 years old and female and have a normal weight but I want to become stronger in basic athletic skills with running and other sports I pursue. I would be able to stick to the diet and the workouts but I'm not sure of I could hanle it. Also improving my running skills would benefit me tremendously so any tips for me would be great!  Definetly below the waist I need to work on and slim down. Thanks, any advice is helpful :)

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Insanity is really great for runners like you because it focuses on increasing your cardio energy and building exactly the kind of lean muscle that is perfect for this kind of activity.  And yeah, it’s intense, but you sound like you’re ready to give it your all, which is really one of the main things you need to get through it.  Remember, he keeps you working at your own maximum level, so you don’t have to “keep up” with the people in the video.  As time progresses, you’ll see more and more benefits from the program.  Good luck! 😀

    • avatar says

      Honestly, there’s no really good reason just to take my word for it.  I am, after all, just some guy on the internet.  You don’t have to believe me, though, nor do you have to believe the thousands of other positive Insanity Workout reviews on the internet; with the FULL 60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, it costs you absolutely nothing to find out for yourself if it really works!

  106. avatarMarius F says

    Hey, Brian, I’m in a similar boat as you… former school athlete, got old(er) and my fitness started fading… You’re not kidding, though, this program did really kick my ass… into shape! If you are willing to work hard this will work for you, too!

  107. avatarI want SIX PACK ABS! says

    I did P90x before and it wasnt exactly what I was looking for.  I still had trouble getting rid of the fat on my stomach which was really frustrating because one of my MAIN goals was a sexy abs six pack. Well now I’m doing Insanity and I’ve been measuring around my belly and I can literally see myself getting skinnier around there! I think by the time I’m done you can see my six pack!

  108. avataranonomous says

    I am a 20 year old female. I have been reading and researching about insanity for over 2 months.. which upsets me because if I started when I researched.. I would be done! But any way, I just want to know if I will get a flat stumach. I am not fat at all but i have some chub.. lol. I dont want rock hard abs just want to feel comfortable in a tight shirt or a bikini.

  109. avatarCandace Brian says

    Hi I’m still a bit confused. I know you use the first 5 dvd’s for the first month, I was just wondering do you use one DVD for each day of the week?

  110. avatarJacob says

    Do I need to buy lots of equipment for Insanity Workout? I thought P90x looked good but I can’t afford it if I buy all the equipment, too.

    • avatar says

      One of the great things about Insanity is that it requires basically nothing except your time and effort, and plenty of water to keep you hydrated.  Keep in mind, though, that they’re two different systems with different sets of goals; check out my Insanity vs P90x article.

  111. avatarSilvee says

    i dont know shaun t seems like one of those muscle jerks thats my biggest concern. i want to get in better shape but i dont need ne1 to make me feel bad about my body. last workout vid i tried i hated the guy anyway is he alright?

    • avatar says

      Shaun T is awesome!  He has years of experience as a personal trainer and I promise, he will put you right at ease very quickly!  He knows how to motivate you and make you feel good about yourself and make you want to do more!
      And here’s the thing: you’re allowed to return it for absolutely any reason at all, so if you can’t stand him, you’re entitled to a full refund!  (I’ll bet if you try it, you’ll probably like him, though maybe not nearly as much as you like the results!)

  112. avatarFinn James says

    I wasnt that sure if it was going to work but i tried because of the refund thing you can get. im only in the 5th week but ill say i actually have lost a lot of weight like 7.6 pounds so far so im going to keep going. i heard you can do it again after the first time so ill will probly try that because i have a long way to go! but thank you shaun t and brian!

  113. avatarGhezzi S. says

    People keep posting their numbers of how many pounds they lost, but I’ll do one better: I lost enough weight that I had to buy basically a whole new wardrobe, except for my shoes, because my feet are still the same size LOL. Really all my old clothes look like clown clothes now I can’t believe it.  I’m 29, female.

  114. avatarLois M says

    I just want to say that I did Insanity Workout and it did work for me, but I didn’t lose 20 pounds like some people say, only just over 10, which is still really good and better than other workout DVDs I tried.  I plan on doing it more and I might try Shakeology.

  115. avatarWiliam says

    Is it effective for me to drink a protein shake when I do the Insanity Workout? I drink a whey protein shake every day.

    • avatar says

      I actually drink whey protein in the form of Shakeology everyday, whether I’m doing Insanity or not.  It’s actually much, much more than just a protein shake, and I encourage you to read my full write up on it.  I actually credit it with helping me lose more than 20 pounds, and helping to keep it off.
      If you’re drinking a protein shake to bulk up, though, keep in mind that while Insanity will help you build some nice lean muscle, it’s not really designed to help you build a lot of muscle.  In that case, you may want to check out something like P90x or P90x2.

  116. avatarjoyce says

    Hi, Brian, I’m a new mother and I’ve been looking for something to help me get rid of the weight I gained when I was pregnant.  I’ve tried diets and some exercise but I’m just not seeing the results I want to see.  Is Insanity right for me?

    • avatar says

      Insanity might actually be perfect for you!  As long as you didn’t just have your baby, it should be perfectly safe and absolutely effective for you to do this workout.  In fact, my sister was in very much the same place as you, and she actually got into better shape than she was before she got pregnant!

    • avatar says

      My advice is pretty much always to try to eat right, but yes, you should lose weight even if you don’t change your diet.  However, if you find you’re not getting the results you want, try taking some advice from the nutrition guide!  You don’t have to follow it precisely, but incremental steps always help.  Also, if you find yourself tired, you may well not be eating enough!  It’s intense and your body will need plenty of fuel.

  117. avatarjanice says

    I really want to lose weight quickly but how soon will I be able to see results with Insanity?  I am 24 yo female 5’6” and want to lose about 30 pounds fast.  

    • avatar says

      If you’re ready to give it everything you’ve got, you should see real results within a week or two.  Follow the nutrition guide to get the most out of it, and remember, losing weight is a journey!  Keep at it, and Insanity WILL help you reach your goals!

  118. avatarRick M says

    My girlfriend and I started doing Insanity recently.  We’re actually just starting our second run now.  I seriously want to thank Shaun T personally for how hot she looks now.  I mean she always looked really good but WOW.  And I’m not looking too bad myself, I’m actually starting to see my abs!  We both feel like a million bucks too.  We have soooo much energy now it’s almost like we’re different people.

  119. avatarindian_guy says


    • avatar says

      HELLO 20 YEAR OLD MALE!  I’ve actually addressed this in a couple of my articles: building good, visible abs requires two different things: you need to work those ab muscles out AND you need to burn off the fat covering them or nobody will see them!  It sounds like you’re on the right track, and Insanity absolutely will help you get the results you want!  It’s main a fat-melting cardio workout system, so you’ll shed pounds and fat, including the fat covering your abs!  You sound like you have the motivation, so it would probably be perfect for you.

  120. avatarLindz T. says

    I did Insanity Workout cuz I wanted to lose weight in 60 days.  Im on day 35 now and I actully lost 7 pounds so far I can barely believe it cuz I tried a lot of diets and stuff before. I will say this it is very hard like Shaun T has me going so hard all the time I sweat like crazy but I must be sweating off the fat LOL I cant wait to see what happens at the end!

  121. avatarMaxine says

    Hi. I’ve been overweight most of my life and decided to try Insanity. The first time I did it I was kind of disappointed and I only lost about 4 pounds and I really thought I was working so hard!  I was determined though so I tried it again and the second time I followed the diet more.  I lost 12 pounds!  I feel like I have more energy too now I can do more of the exercises and do them better so I will probably try the whole thing again soon to try to lose even more weight.

    • avatar says

      That’s actually a tricky question.  If you’re in your later teens, it will almost definitely be fine for you to do Insanity.  If you’re 13, well, maybe not, but it depends.  There are a few factors to consider.  If you haven’t reached puberty yet, it’s probably a bad idea because very intense workout regimens can affect your development.  Also keep in mind that this workout is no joke; if you don’t eat right and take other precautions, you can do more harm than good to your body.  Your doctor or gym/health teacher can probably give you a better idea about this than I can over the internet.

  122. avatarManuel says

    Hi, I am a man in my 50s and honestly I have not done a lot in the way of exercise. I am active at my job but I have never done a workout program. My question is if it would be safe and if it would work for me?

    • avatar says

      Well, I don’t really want to give away my own age, let alone my dad’s, but I’m in my 30s, so do the math 😉  Anyway, my dad had never done a workout program either, and had a fair amount of paunch on him.  When I first introduced him to it, he really was not sure he would be able to do it, either.  The thing is, Shaun T always has you working at your own maximum capacity.  Start slow, that’s fine, you’re always going to do better and better, and you’ll find your energy increasing as you weight drops.

      That said, if you have any kind of heart condition or other physical problem that may get in the way, you should talk to your doctor first!  Remember, this is about getting healthy, not damaging your health!

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