Insanity Vs P90x For Weight Loss

I know why you’re here.  You’re probably like I was, for years, always telling myself this would the year I get back into shape.  Then, “Summer Shape Up” rolls around, you sigh and think, well, there’s always next year.  You know what, though?  There’s still this year, dammit!  There’s no magic bullet, but there are a couple of workout systems that can have you looking great in a matter of weeks if you’re ready to work and SWEAT!  In this article, I’ll take a look at Insanity Vs P90x for weight loss.

First, The Basics

The Insanity Workout is 60 intense days of full-on cardio, lead by super trainer Shaun T.  Over the course of 10 workout DVDs, it utilizes his unique technique of Max Interval Training to burn fat like nothing else you’ve ever experienced.
P90x is the older of the two, and you probably already know a little bit about it already.  Tony Horton is something of a celebrity in the fitness world, and his Muscle Confusion system has been proven very effective time and time again.  It’s a little longer, at 90 days and 12 DVDs, but in addition to burning a hell of a lot of fat, it will get the muscles underneath looking absolutely fantastic.

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So, What Are You Looking For?

Insanity Vs P90x For Weight Loss
The Insanity Vs P90x for weight loss issue isn’t really much of a big decision, if you think about it.  What are you after?  That’s really all you have to ask yourself.

If you just want to burn as much fat as quickly as you can (how about 60 days?), then the Insanity Workout is probably what you’re looking for.  It’s not for the faint of heart, because it’s really intense, but if you’re in pretty good shape and looking for another boost, it might be for you.

While Insanity’s intense cardio workouts will certainly get your muscles into great shape, the system wasn’t really designed to get you any stronger.  If you’re a guy looking to add bulk, or a woman looking to get those muscles looking sleek, fit and toned, P90x is the obvious choice.  You’ll lose a lot of fat, as you will with Insanity, but you’ll be putting some weight back on as muscle.

P90x Vs Insanity For Weight Loss: Other Considerations?

Both of these workout systems are customizable to suit your own needs and meet your own goals.  That said, P90x is a little more accessible, so it’s great whether you’re in pretty good shape or have barely had any exercise in years.

Another thing to consider is that while Insanity’s focus is and always will be cardio and weight loss, P90x is easy to alter for various results.  Check out this article on P90x for weight loss to see how easily it can be modified to lose the most amount of weight.  Since either system can be repeated for increasing gains, many people do them more than once, or even combine the two to get the benefits of both.

What Else Is Left?

P90x requires you to buy a few items, like resistance bands and a chin-up bar, but there’s no huge investment, and you’ll absolutely need these items in order to work your body for the best results.

Besides being 30 days shorter, the individual workouts of Insanity are about 10 minutes shorter.  That’s an extra hour a week, so if you’re really counting hours (and don’t mind sacrificing some strength training results), Insanity is a better choice.

Don’t Take My Word For It

I’m honestly just one of the growing masses of people speaking praise about P90x.  Check out my P90x review if you want to learn about my specific results with it, but for me it was all about SHAPING UP AND LOSING OVER 20 POUNDS IN JUST 90 DAYS!  INCONCEIVABLE!

For the best evidence, and one of the biggest factors in my decision to try P90x, check out this article on P90x before and after pictures.  I think they speak louder than I possibly could.

The real reason why you don’t have to listen to me, though, is that you can try either P90x or Insanity COMPLETELY RISK FREE at the official Beachbody site.  There are full-money back guarantees available that last the duration of the program, so you absolutely have enough time to see if it’s going to work out for you.

If you’ve been considering trying P90x or Insanity for weight loss, consider what you want to look like once you burn all that fat away.  Insanity will help you tone up, but not as much as P90x will, and since they’ll both help burn a lot of fat, I think P90x is the obvious choice.  In the Insanity Vs P90x for weight loss debate, Insanity is the winner purely by default; ultimately, I think the P90x results speak for themselves.

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