Incredible Insanity Workout Results For Women Who Try It


I first heard about the Insanity Workout from my brother.  It sounded great: 60 INTENSE DAYS TO A NEW BODY!  I was intrigued enough to start reading up about in online, and everything made it out to be a workout of unparalleled fat burning, muscle toning and endurance building.  The only trouble was, most of the Insanity Workout reviews I was reading were written by men.  It made me wonder, what were the Insanity Workout results for women?

If you take a look at some Insanity Workout before and after pictures of women, you’ll see that this is a program that really does make a dramatic difference in the way you look, whether you’re a man or a woman.
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This first set of before and after pictures demonstrate the kind of fat loss you can get with the Insanity Workout.  It works better than other workouts because it uses Max Interval Training, which burns more fat because it has you working at full intensity almost the entire time.
It’s not just for people with a lot of fat to get rid of, though, as demonstrated in this next set of pictures.  What you’re looking at is a 22 POUND DROP IN 60 DAYS!
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Insanity Workout reviews from women demonstrate that it will really work for anybody who is willing and capable of putting in the hard work required.

Does The Insanity Workout Work For Women? YES!

When I found out that this product comes with a 60 DAY FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, I figured I’d just give it a shot.  If it was too tough, or I wasn’t seeing results, I’d just send it back.

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The first month was rough.  Six intense cardio workouts a week was beating me down, burning the fat and breaking the muscles, making them come back stronger than before.  I had lost almost 10 pounds before the 30 days were up, so I knew it was going to work out.
The second month was even tougher, and had I taken a look at the DVDs before I finished the first month, I never would have imagined myself capable of that kind of work.  I made it through, and can personally tell you that the Insanity Workout weight loss results for women are stunning:  I managed to lose almost 15 pounds and 2 dress sizes my first time through the program, and now I’m doing it again, burning more fat and toning up my muscles.

I have no doubt that as more people try this product, we’ll see more and more Insanity Workout success stories from women.  Shaun T. has years of experience training both men and women, and knows exactly what kind of exercises and routines will help both sexes out the most.
So, to sum it up, Insanity Workout results for women are just as good as the results for men, as long as you’re willing to put in the effort!  If you want to read a long review that goes into more detail about how the program works, click here.  For those of you out there who have already made up your mind, make sure you only buy the product from the official website.  Does Insanity Workout really work for women?  Try the 30 DAY FREE TRIAL and find out.

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  1. avatarKate says

    FINALLY! I find a woman who has completed insanity! such motivation! like you I heard about insanity and read all I could to learn about it. ive been doing jillian michaels dvds for years and wasnt getting the results i wanted. so I switched to insanity. today I did my first ever insanity workout. it was tough. I had to take multiple rests because I was dying.! im kinda down that I wasnt able to give more. is it always gonna be like that? any advice for a first timer? thanks!!!

    • avatarLisa Prost says

      Part of the reason Max Interval Training is so effective is that it doesn’t exactly give you a chance to catch up. Don’t worry, though, you had to take so many rests precisely *because* you were giving so much! As you go, you’ll find your stamina and ability to power through more reps will increase, but you should always try to give it as much as you can to see what you’re really capable of! You’ll probably be very pleasantly surprised :)


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