How Many Calories Are Burned During Insanity Workout?

You likely landed on this page because you’ve already heard about the Insanity Workout.  Officially released by Beachbody, the same company that brought us P90x and P90x2, which you may have already tried, this new workout is designed to burn a lot of fat, and get you in really great shape, FAST!  In just 60 intense days, to be precise.  While the high praise of various reviews is enough to convince some people to try it, others have more technical and specific questions.  For example, how many calories are burned during Insanity Workout?

How Many Calories Are Burned During Insanity Workout?

Well, It Depends, But It’s A LOT

Since you’re interested in fitness already, I don’t think I need to really explain the connection between your heart rate and the amount of calories burned.  Keep the heart rate up, the calories burn away.  It’s pretty simple.
The Insanity Workout is different than other workouts you may have tried because it uses Max Interval Training.  You can learn more about this technique in my longer Insanity Workout review, but basically, you’re going to be working as hard as you can without a lot of breaks.  This means your heart rate is going to stay up in the calorie burning zone, and you’ll burn more calories than with other exercise programs.

But How Many, Exactly?

Because Max Interval Training has you working at whatever your own maximum capacity is, the precise number of calories burnt depends.  If you read the reports online, you’ll find that on average, people burn between 600 and 700 calories per workout!
Of course, this level will vary with your own level of fitness and commitment.  I’ve read reviews where they talked about BURNING NEARLY 900 CALORIES PER WORKOUT, while others burn around 400, which is still an impressive amount.
Because Shaun T. keeps you working as hard as you can all the time, the program is actually repeatable for better results.  You may average 500 calories burnt the first time you go through the program, but it will put you in better shape, allowing you to burn 600 or more calories each time when you do the program again.

How To Figure It All Out

It’s honestly pretty difficult to figure out exactly how many calories you’re burning when you exercise, and any calculations you do are just a guess.  One of the best tools you can use to find out how many you’re burning is to get a heart rate monitor, and try using it during the Insanity Workout’s 60 DAY FREE TRIAL PERIOD!  Keep your heart rate in your target zone, and you’ll burn calories.  There are also a number of calorie calculators you can find online, but keep in mind that as these typically calculate calories burned based on the amount of time spent exercising, they’re not always able to keep up with the ridiculous performance of the Insanity Workout.
So, how many calories are burned during Insanity Workout?  A great deal many more than are burnt through traditional workouts.  My advice is to just try it out for free while they’re still running the 60 day guarantee offer, which is available exclusively from the official Insanity Workout website.

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