How Long Are The Insanity Workouts?

The benefits of the Insanity Workout are seriously just completely bonkers: large amounts of fat burned away revealing the muscles underneath, which are firmed and toned to Adonis-like levels of human perfection.  Endurance is pushed to the max, and confidence is improved by no small measure.  Of course, these results only come to those willing to put in the time and effort, so one of the bigger questions looming on the minds of busy people is, “Just how long are The Insanity Workouts?”


You Have Time For This

You probably know the basics: the Insanity Workout is a program that will get you in better shape than you have ever been IN A MERE 60 DAYS!  The workouts are intense, but so are the results.


But you’re probably wondering how much of those 60 days you’re going to be spending working out.  You probably have a job and other obligations, and you don’t have hours a day to spend exercising. How long is each Insanity Workout?
Thankfully, Insanity Workouts are typically less than an hour long.
The workouts are divided up on a bunch of DVDs that you will work through as you move through the program.  They’re all in the 20 minute to one hour range, with an average length of around 45 minutes.  How long are the Insanity Workouts?  Easily short enough to fit into your schedule if you’re so motivated.  The average person spends several times that watching television every day, and watching TV isn’t nearly as good for your health!

What’s The Time?  Time To Get Fit!

I’ve had a few emails from people who have read my longer review about the Insanity Workout, and some people want to know when the best time for these workouts is.  Should they do them before or after work?  I can tell you that I did most of them after work because it was more convenient for me, but it’s largely a matter of personal preference and fitness levels.
Many people find that they really need a break after completing one of these intense workouts, while others find the whole thing exhilarating, and find that the feeling lasts throughout the day if they do the workouts early.  Studies have shown that the brain works better for hours after exercising, so that’s something to keep in mind.
You may have heard that you shouldn’t do intense exercise too close to bedtime, because the rise in blood pressure may make it difficult to sleep.  I’ve done a little research, though, and apparently there’s no real expert consensus about this.  I will tell you that I have fallen right asleep minutes after having my ass handed to me by a particularly intense Insanity Workout.
If you’re biggest question about this program was, “How long are the Insanity Workouts?”, consider your question answered.  If you’re still unsure if you have the time for it, keep in mind that the system comes with a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, so you can try it out for free to see if you’ve got the time and energy for it.  This offer is only available from the official Insanity Workout website.

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