Dramatic Insanity Workout Before And After Pics

It seems like every new diet or exercise program you ever hear about can supposedly change your whole life basically overnight, without a lot of real effort.  I can’t tell you how many workout videos I’ve seen that guaranteed you amazing results if you just follow along with their exercise routines.  This is why I totally understand when people are skeptical about the results you can get with The Insanity Workout.  One of the best ways I’ve found to convince people that this one is for real is to take a look at some Insanity Workout before and after pictures.

These Are What You Were Looking For

Through the modern miracle that is the internet, it’s easy to do a little search and bring up a bunch of insanity workout before and after for women, as well as for men.  You’ll also see that the program works well for people with different body types and goal weights.

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I’d like to call attention to this picture I found that shows a man’s progress after just 30 days.  Keep in mind that the program has a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, so this guy could have returned it for a full refund if he just didn’t feel like finishing the second half of the program..  He’d have all his money back, and he’d get to keep the new physique.  
This is one of the better Insanity Workout before and after pics of men, because it shows you instead of just telling you that he lost 18 pounds and 4 inches off his waist (which he did).  The visible difference in his muscle definition is impressive.
Photo Attribution: insanityworkout60day.com

This Is No Joke

Insanity Workout before and after photos aren’t like the the ones you see with other products.  Specifically, I mean any number of before photos of disheveled, unhappy people, followed by after shots where they’ve cleaned themselves up and are smiling, but their bodies look fairly unchanged.  Insanity Workout pictures show a real, dramatic difference in the physical shape of peoples’ bodies!
If you take a look at these photos, you can see awesome results you can get if you’ve got what it takes to push yourself through the full 60 days.
Photo Attribution: i2.squidoocdn.com
One of the better things about this program is that it not only works your abs hard, giving them definition like you’ve never had before, it also burns fat like no other workout I’ve tried, thanks to Shaun T.’s unique Max Interval Training methods, so you can actually see those abs as the pounds melt away.

Nothing To Lose

As a guy who lost MORE THAN 20 POUNDS using this system, and actually kept that weight off, I’m really enthusiastic about it.  Take a look at my Insanity Workout review if you don’t believe me.  That said, I know what it’s like not to believe the kinds of claims you’ll hear from people who think you should buy something.  With the 30-day trial period I mentioned earlier, there’s no reason to risk any money at all finding out if this system is for you, and if it really works.
I really do think that Insanity Workout before and after shots are some of the best reasons to try the program out.  If you want to try it, make sure you only get it from the official website, so you can make sure you get the full product, as well as that guarantee.

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*** 60 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee ***


Hi, I’m Brian & together with my wife Lisa I set up this website to help folks who want to get fit, lean or bulk up but without having to dramatically change your current lifestyle.

Like you, we have busy lives and busy schedules so we’re always on the lookout for whatever can get us in the best shape in the least time and without having to go hit the gym.  Whatever your fitness goals, we hope you find something useful here and make sure to leave a comment in the Facebook Box below :)


  1. avatarNathaniel Sward says

    I’m a 38 year old man, used to be very active but slowed down a lot in last decade or so…. my before pictures are nothing to write home about but I swear my after pics have me looking like I’m in my 20s 😀 


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      The Insanity Workout is a workout program, not a diet program. That said, you should always eat right, and this program comes with a pretty in-depth nutrition guide to help you eat well (and don’t worry, you’ll be eating plenty of delicious, nutritious food!)


  2. avatarrichard doe says

    It’s encouraging to know how other REAL people are doing with Insanity. I’ve lost 8 pounds so far in a little more than a month. No pictures to show… yet :)


  3. avatarLEO says

    Thanks for posting these Brian! I’ve been reading your articles about Insanity but it’s nice to SEE the kind of results people are getting. Will post my own soon.


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Sure! Anything that will take your picture will do. I also recommend keeping a journal with your weight and measurements as you progress.


  4. avatarmeena88 says

    wow omg these are pretty good. i didn’t take a picture at the start but i’m only 2 and a half weeks in so i’m going to start taking pictures all the time now. very excited!!


  5. avatarkeithy says

    I noticed the after pics look more muscular but you say its not a muscle building program like p90x but it looks like it is so…??


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      It will help you put on a small amount of muscle, and it will definitely help tone up what you’ve already got, AND melt the fat off from on top of it, making all of your muscles more visible.


  6. avatarEARTHTONES says

    well i wasn’t sure about insanity workout but i think these pics are what i needed to convince me to try it….. so i’m trying it and i’ll come post back here when the results are in 😀


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      You could, but I’m pretty sure if you do the whole 60 days you’ll be happy enough that you want to keep it. Many people do it more than once for even better results!


  7. avatarsnowpy says

    I want to post my pics online somewhere… I almost got rid of the spare tire I’ve been carrying around for yyeeeeaaaarrss!! I love Insanity Workout!!


  8. avatarTommy S says

    My before and after pictures weren’t that dramatic the first time I went through Insanity…. only lost about 11 pounds and I needed to lose A LOT more…. but the second time I did Insanity I was better able to get through the workouts and lost 24 pounds, so big big different betwen when I started and now.


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      No problem, you should be easily able to gauge where you are in the program and how you’re feeling/looking, and adjust your workouts accordingly.


  9. avatarmars says

    When I did it the first time I didn’t have a camera but I used a notebook to write down how much I weighed every day and measured my waist and stomach every week. It really helps you keep going if you can look at your progress like that.


  10. avataradrenalin rush says

    The guy after 30 days looks pretty good… can I do the whole thing in just 30 days if I double up the workouts per day??


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      If you’re in pretty good shape to start with, you MAY be able to, though I wouldn’t recommend it. Your body needs time to rest and rebuild. If you do try, make sure to listen to your body so you don’t hurt yourself!


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