Does Insanity Really Work?

By now, you’ve probably heard of The Insanity Workout, as it’s been getting a lot of press recently.  It’s supposed to be completely crazy in intensity, resulting in absolutely mind blowing results IN A MERE 60 DAYS!  People have been saying that this program gets them into the best shape of their lives.  Of course, we’ve all heard similar claims from anybody with anything health related to sell, so it’s natural to want to know: Does Insanity really work?

Does Insanity Really Work

Results For Some, Full Refunds For Others

Before we can even consider the question of “Does Insanity Workout work?”, it’s important to know who can benefit from it, and who can’t.  This is not a workout for the faint of heart, or any similar condition that would prevent them from really pushing it to the limit, and then well past that point.  If you have joint problems, you’re pregnant, or you don’t really ever get any real exercise, this is not for you.

If, however, you’re in decent shape, but you’re ready to see what you’re really capable of, this may be what you’re looking for.  This isn’t a heavy weight moving program; if you’re looking to add thick slabs of muscle to your body, try P90x2, which is another proven and successful product from Beachbody.

I’m going to tell you upfront that this workout is tougher than anything you’ve ever tried before.  If the average person gave it a shot, they would probably give up quickly, cursing creator Shaun T. and demanding he be locked away where he belongs, in a lunatic asylum.  Those who persevere will be greatly rewarded though, as the pounds of unsightly fat melt away and the muscle revealed underneath is honed to perfection.  Your confidence, endurance, and overall health will be utterly, maddeningly, AMAZING! Does the Insanity Workout work? Oh, yeah.
Of course, nobody wants to throw money away on an exercise program that is simply too intense for their level of fitness.  Fortunately for everybody, the Insanity Workout comes with a 60 DAY COMPLETELY RISK FREE TRIAL PERIOD!  If you try it and find you’re not going to be able to stick with it, or you just don’t like Shaun T., or whatever, you can return it for a full refund.

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Does Insanity Workout Really Work? Look At Me Now

I’ve always tried to stay in decent shape.  I stay fairly active and I eat alright (relatively alright, anyway).  Still, I wasn’t in perfect shape.  I wasn’t gifted with one of those crazy metabolisms that lets you eat whatever you want, barely exercise, and look great.  In particular, I had some extra weight around my gut that I really hated, but couldn’t seem to get rid of with any other exercise program.  After a certain point, the results of every workout regimen seemed to plateau, leaving me looking more or less the same.

Enter Shaun T., creator of The Insanity Workout.  This guy is nuts.  He took the whole idea of interval training and turned it on its head.  Instead of bursts of high intensity exercise with long breaks, you’re going to be working as hard as you can with barely any breaks at all.  The workouts only last about 45 minutes each, but you’re going to be giving it everything you’ve got, with only 30 seconds of rest for every 3 minutes of exercise! Does Insanity Actually Work? You bet it does

What makes this technique, called Max Interval Training, so effective is that you just don’t have a chance to slow down.  This means that it keeps melting fat and shaping you up well past the point at which other programs stop working.

I think you can see where I’m going with this.  I finally got rid of that belly fat, and have actually lost OVER TWENTY POUNDS!  In addition to the weight loss, my muscles look great, and they’re rock hard.  I have the stamina of a champion; I’m seriously considering running a marathon soon, something I never gave a thought to in the past!  If you can’t guess, this has all done real wonders for my confidence as well.

Here’s What You’re Going To Need

One of the great things about The Insanity Workout is that it’s completely self contained, and costs less than a gym membership.  You buy the product, you put in the effort, you get that Adonis body you’ve been wanting.  You don’t have to buy any supplements, equipment, add-ons or any other stupid, expensive gimmick.  You’ll just need plenty of water, the drive to complete the program, and a towel to mop up all the sweat.  Seriously, it’s going to get wet.

How Does Insanity Workout Work?  Like This

The Insanity Workout comes with a calendar to track your progress, a quick start guide, and an elite nutrition plan to help you eat right while you go through the program.  You’ll also have access to free online support if you have any trouble.  The real core of the whole system, though, is the 10 DVDs.

The first 5 DVDs you’ll mainly be using for the first month of the program.  It will be intense, and difficult, and will start shaping your body into the beautiful machine you knew it was, but it’s all just a warmup for the second part of the program.  In the second month, the gloves come off, and you’ll really be put to the test as Shaun T. works every part of your body like a master craftsman.

Your Health Is Priceless, This Is Just A Bargain

If you want to read a more in depth review of The Insanity Workout, click here. It’s honestly a crazy good workout for anybody crazy enough to finish it (and the whole thing can be repeated for even better results).  Does Insanity Really work?  Well, the best way to find out is to try it RISK FREE, so there’s no reason to take my word for it.  For more information, head over to the official Insanity Workout page, which is the only place you should buy the product.

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