Does Insanity Really Work?

By now, you’ve probably heard of The Insanity Workout, as it’s been getting a lot of press recently.  It’s supposed to be completely crazy in intensity, resulting in absolutely mind blowing results IN A MERE 60 DAYS!  People have been saying that this program gets them into the best shape of their lives.  Of course, we’ve all heard similar claims from anybody with anything health related to sell, so it’s natural to want to know: Does Insanity really work?

Results For Some, Full Refunds For Others

Before we can even consider the question of “Does Insanity Workout work?”, it’s important to know who can benefit from it, and who can’t.  This is not a workout for the faint of heart, or any similar condition that would prevent them from really pushing it to the limit, and then well past that point.  If you have joint problems, you’re pregnant, or you don’t really ever get any real exercise, this is not for you.
If, however, you’re in decent shape, but you’re ready to see what you’re really capable of, this may be what you’re looking for.  This isn’t a heavy weight moving program; if you’re looking to add thick slabs of muscle to your body, try P90x2, which is another proven and successful product from Beachbody.
I’m going to tell you upfront that this workout is tougher than anything you’ve ever tried before.  If the average person gave it a shot, they would probably give up quickly, cursing creator Shaun T. and demanding he be locked away where he belongs, in a lunatic asylum.  Those who persevere will be greatly rewarded though, as the pounds of unsightly fat melt away and the muscle revealed underneath is honed to perfection.  Your confidence, endurance, and overall health will be utterly, maddeningly, AMAZING! Does the Insanity Workout work? Oh, yeah.
Of course, nobody wants to throw money away on an exercise program that is simply too intense for their level of fitness.  Fortunately for everybody, the Insanity Workout comes with a 60 DAY COMPLETELY RISK FREE TRIAL PERIOD!  If you try it and find you’re not going to be able to stick with it, or you just don’t like Shaun T., or whatever, you can return it for a full refund.  

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Does Insanity Workout Really Work? Look At Me Now…

I’ve always tried to stay in decent shape.  I stay fairly active and I eat alright (relatively alright, anyway).  Still, I wasn’t in perfect shape.  I wasn’t gifted with one of those crazy metabolisms that lets you eat whatever you want, barely exercise, and look great.  In particular, I had some extra weight around my gut that I really hated, but couldn’t seem to get rid of with any other exercise program.  After a certain point, the results of every workout regimen seemed to plateau, leaving me looking more or less the same.

Enter Shaun T., creator of The Insanity Workout.  This guy is nuts.  He took the whole idea of interval training and turned it on its head.  Instead of bursts of high intensity exercise with long breaks, you’re going to be working as hard as you can with barely any breaks at all.  The workouts only last about 45 minutes each, but you’re going to be giving it everything you’ve got, with only 30 seconds of rest for every 3 minutes of exercise! Does Insanity Actually Work? You bet it does…

What makes this technique, called Max Interval Training, so effective is that you just don’t have a chance to slow down.  This means that it keeps melting fat and shaping you up well past the point at which other programs stop working.

I think you can see where I’m going with this.  I finally got rid of that belly fat, and have actually lost OVER TWENTY POUNDS!  In addition to the weight loss, my muscles look great, and they’re rock hard.  I have the stamina of a champion; I’m seriously considering running a marathon soon, something I never gave a thought to in the past!  If you can’t guess, this has all done real wonders for my confidence as well.

Here’s What You’re Going To Need

One of the great things about The Insanity Workout is that it’s completely self contained, and costs less than a gym membership.  You buy the product, you put in the effort, you get that Adonis body you’ve been wanting.  You don’t have to buy any supplements, equipment, add-ons or any other stupid, expensive gimmick.  You’ll just need plenty of water, the drive to complete the program, and a towel to mop up all the sweat.  Seriously, it’s going to get wet.

How Does Insanity Workout Work?  Like This…

The Insanity Workout comes with a calendar to track your progress, a quick start guide, and an elite nutrition plan to help you eat right while you go through the program.  You’ll also have access to free online support if you have any trouble.  The real core of the whole system, though, is the 10 DVDs.
The first 5 DVDs you’ll mainly be using for the first month of the program.  It will be intense, and difficult, and will start shaping your body into the beautiful machine you knew it was, but it’s all just a warmup for the second part of the program.  In the second month, the gloves come off, and you’ll really be put to the test as Shaun T. works every part of your body like a master craftsman.

Your Health Is Priceless, This Is Just A Bargain

If you want to read a more in depth review of The Insanity Workout, click here. It’s honestly a crazy good workout for anybody crazy enough to finish it (and the whole thing can be repeated for even better results).  Does Insanity Really work?  Well, the best way to find out is to try it RISK FREE, so there’s no reason to take my word for it.  For more information, head over to the official Insanity Workout page, which is the only place you should buy the product.

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*** 60 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee ***


Hi, I’m Brian & together with my wife Lisa I set up this website to help folks who want to get fit, lean or bulk up but without having to dramatically change your current lifestyle.

Like you, we have busy lives and busy schedules so we’re always on the lookout for whatever can get us in the best shape in the least time and without having to go hit the gym.  Whatever your fitness goals, we hope you find something useful here and make sure to leave a comment in the Facebook Box below :)


  1. avatarNikki says

    Hi! I am a female, 5’8″ and 270 pounds. I just went to college and my grandma just passed away, causing a great amount of stress, and in return gaining lots of weight. I fid myself WAY out of shape. I was wondering if insanity would be good for me, seeing how I rapidly gained so much weight. My goal is to simply lose weight and inches, not a specific amount or anything, just lose.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Hi, Nikki. Sorry to hear about your loss :(
      If you’re looking to lose weight and inches, Insanity is great for that! You’ll probably have to start relatively slowly, which is absolutely okay, but give it everything you’ve got! You’ll find that as your body improves, it will become progressively easier to lose weight and get in better shape. Good luck!


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Hi, Nikki. Sorry to hear about your loss :(
      If you’re looking to lose weight and inches, Insanity is great for that! You’ll probably have to start relatively slowly, which is absolutely okay, but give it everything you’ve got! You’ll find that as your body improves, it will become progressively easier to lose weight and get in better shape. Good luck!


  2. avatarKathleen says

    Hi Brian, I am a 19 year old college student. I am currently at my heaviest weight to date, at 180 pounds and I'm 5'9''. I have played basketball my entire life, but I will admit I have never been at a peak fitness level – I have always just been able to get by with the differing intervals in the game. I am most self conscious of my thigh, stomach and arm fat, so I'm curious if you would recommend this program for me or not. My biggest impairment preventing me from working out is definitely my motivation and will power levels, but I do feel like if I got into a schedule with this program I would possibly be able to keep it up. All I know is I really want to lose the weight, and the short time frame this program offers is very tempting. I would appreciate any advice you have for me!!

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Hi, Kathleen. If you’re looking to lose stubborn weight as quickly as possible, I can’t think of a better program than Insanity. That said, motivation is really the key to making it work! My advice is to track your progress carefully so you can see hard numbers showing you exactly what your progress is. Before and after pics at regular intervals can help with this, too. The schedule does help, too, I think, and the variety of exercises and workouts you do keeps it a lot more interesting than just doing the same thing every day. Good luck, and let us know how it works out!


  3. avatarJordan says

    Hello im 19 years old 5’11 135 pounda and i have mild scoliosis, i remember the doctor tellin me that it is something most people have , i can lift weights and jog fine, insanity sounds pretty intense though, does it involve alot of back bending ??

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Hi, I wouldn’t say there’s * a lot* of back bending, but there is a fair amount of it- working the back is a key part of strengthening the core, which helps build the foundation for everything else. My advice is to ask your doctor whether or not a program like Insanity would be too intense for you.

  4. avatarJacob harrison says

    Hey my names jacob I weigh 320 I'm 21 years old and trying to get into the military would it be safe to use this work and and will it help me reach my goal of 220. I'm 6'2 and need to be 214 to leave for marine core boot camp.

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Hi Jacob. I’ll be honest with you- 100 pounds is a lot to lose, and you’re not going to be able to do it with just one 60-day round of Insanity. That said, to lose weight you need to burn a ton of calories, and there’s probably no better method of doing that than Insanity. You need to be ready to sweat like crazy, and work really really hard, but if you’re motivated enough to push yourself through the workouts, you *can* reach your goals! Good luck!


  5. avatarAlexandra says

    Hi , my name is Alexandra and I am 15 years old. I just started insanity but I am starting to wonder if insanity will work differently for me since I am young ? Is it worth it for me ?

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Lots of teenagers do use Insanity, but you’re right- intense exercise does affect young bodies differently. You’ll probably do fine and get great results, but it’s hard for me to say for sure since I know basically nothing about you besides your age. If you’re concerned you may be overexerting yourself or something, talk to your doctor or maybe a gym teacher or coach about whether or not Insanity is right for you.

  6. avatarvida says

    I recently los 14 pounds , and I don’t think I need to loose more weight , but I will like to tone my abdominal area , could this program help me do that whit out losing more weight ???

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Absolutely. Remember, weight loss is all about maintaining a caloric deficit- burn more calories than you take in, and you lose weight. The opposite is also true, so all you need to do is either eat more or work out less. It sounds like you’re already halfway to your goal, so good luck! :)

  7. avatarDione says


    I am in Singapore and I can't seem to order the insanity workout DVD. Any idea how I can purchase it? Also, can I find out what happens after the 60 days and you want to maintain your new body? Is there another programme to follow for maintenance?


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Hi Dione. They don’t make it easy for international customers, huh? They *will* ship to any country, though, just drop a line to and they’ll give you more information about how to order.

      After the 60 days, some people take a break and then do it again, while others will pick and choose different Insanity Workouts to do from time to time. You certainly don’t have to keep up Insanity-levels of exercise forever, but a good diet and a reasonable amount of activity will always keep you healthy and looking good :)


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      It really varies a lot from person to person, for a lot of reasons, and it’s really up to you to find what works best. Some people find it energizes them, so they like to do it before work, while other people find it wears them out, so they like to do it when their responsibilities for the day are done. Like I said, it’s all a matter of personal preference :)


  8. avatarMaripach says

    Thanks for the posts; they helped me finally make up my mind. I'm a 46 year old female, runner, recovering from a tibial stress fracture.  I'm going to need some therapy before I can start any program like this or even running. But became my goal towards recovery!! 

  9. avatarBrady says

    Hey, ive been doing the insanity workout for about a 2 weeks now truely giving it all that ive got, but i havent really seen any changes (other than soreness) im not doubting the exercises or saying that they dont work, im just wondering if this is normal and if it is how long does it take to start seeing actual results?

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Hi, Brady! I’d say your experience is pretty normal. The soreness (and the fact that you’ve given it all you’ve got for 2 weeks) are pretty good indicators that you’re on the right path! I’d say keep hitting the scale, you should start seeing real results in a couple more weeks. And, I should point out, with Insanity the results often start getting better and better as your body becomes more fit and able to do all the exercises. Good luck!

  10. avatarBritney says

    I'm not a very active person but I just lost about 40 lbs since July 2012. I'm 5'7, weigh 153, and I'm 22 years old. I am determined to get toned and I want to lose about 10 more lbs before summer. So based on this info do you think this would be a good program for me to do?

    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Hi, Britney! It sounds like you’re already doing really very well for yourself, so congratulations on having the self-determination and discipline to come as far as you have already! I’d say with your level of commitment, just based on what you’ve already accomplished, Insanity would be a great fit for you and could easily help you reach your stated goals. Good luck!

  11. avatar says

    I agree with the author. For those looking to achieve fast results and willing to sweat it out, Insanity can be a great program.

    However, it is not for everyone though. If you have some serious medical issues or are plain lazy or looking for magic pills or even expensive surgeries then Insanity isn't for you.

    For those of you who like working out but have not been able to achieve results so far can definitely give Insanity a shot. It will be worth it. And you will see results in 60 days if you stick to the schedule.


  12. avatarErwin says

    I was not in shape at all, but the workout seems to ease you through the whole routine. Shaun t is a great motivator and ive lost a ton of weight and i feel better than ever, im right at the end of my recovery week and i cant thank the program enough for giving me fantastic results!

  13. avatarTim says

    In three weeks, Insanity has put me in the best shape I've ever been.  Only downside is the other college students living below me annoyed with all the jumping.   

  14. avatarBill says

    Finished the first week and I am getting better. Program started a little fast but I made it work for me. A little hard on the joints and a lot of hard positions to get into for a 48yr male, but I going to complete it.

  15. avatarAnne Marie says

    Hi Brian and Lisa, just wanted to let you know how it really worked for me… I lost about 6 pounds in the first month and then 8 more in the second month. I’m a 36 year old woman, not a real athletic type by any means but I thought this was a great program and I’m planning on doing it again!


  16. avatarhenry says

    Hi, so there’s really NO equipment at all? cuz p90x needs like pull up bars, dumb bells, bands etc. just wonderin.


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Nope, you don’t need anything for Insanity. A yoga mat and a heart rate monitor can be pretty useful, but you can definitely finish the program without them


  17. avatarLuis T says

    I actually started this twice… the first time I only did about a week and stopped, it was just kicking my ass too hard… but I noticed that just a week of it actually made me feel better, like I had more energy and stuff, so I started back up a couple weeks later. I’m a month in, lost 7 pounds and almost two inches off my waist!


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      I’ll be honest, it’s difficult work, but the results are really worth it! If Shaun T. doesn’t give you enough motivation, I strongly recommend closely tracking your progress. Actually SEEING the results helps push a lot of people through to the end. Good luck!


  18. avatarMacky says

    Hey Brian, 23 yaer old male here, I’ve done Insanity twice and each time I lose more weight and get faster and leaner and more endurance. I love Insanity Workout!!


  19. avatarAllen Peters says

    It’s great how you don’t need to have a bunch of equipment for this… tried P90x but I didn’t have all the gear so it didn’t work too well :( but this is right up my alley… I bring the DVDs to a friends so we can work out together too!


  20. avatarRocky says

    Hello. I’m an almost-40 year old man, I’ve never been too much of an “athlete” but I want to get in better shape. You say you need to be in fairly good condition, but what’s that mean? Can I do it?


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Shaun T. actually eases you into the program and has you working at your own maximum capacity, which makes this a good program for a lot of people because they can start slow and work their way up to Insane fitness!


  21. avatardemetrio says

    I tried a bunch of different DVD workouts before I got this and I’ll say it beats them all hands down. This is probably the only workout program on DVD I would ever recommend.


  22. avatarsooo hot says

    if ur ready to really put in the work to get in shape than id say insanity is for you… if ur not well i guess you can get some bennefets from it but it wont be as good as if u do the hole 60 days


  23. avatarSnow says

    I really think this will be more popular than P90X… I’m a woman and this one just appeals to me more and my husband ALSO loves it… we’ve been doing it together and lost 10 and 12 pounds (he lost 12)!


  24. avatarmale 33 cali says

    what kind of diet does this thing need? is it like a gimmick where you have to watch your calories all the time and spend so much time on that?


    • avatarBrian Prost says

      Actually, since the exercises are pretty tough, you’ll need to eat a lot. There’s an included nutrition guide that will give you a lot of tips and recipes and everything you need to eat right while you’re doing the program, and even afterwards!


  25. avatarDan says

    I’ve been looking for something like this, thanks, just got started so I can’t say much except it’s hard and I can FEEL it in my muscles LOL i’ll post again to let you know how it works out!


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